Trinity TV quiz show successes

A Trinity team has beaten UCL to go through to the next round of the BBC’s University Challenge and Trinity’s Classics Fellow has appeared in a winning team on Only Connect. 

Trinity beat UCL in the seventh episode of the current University Challenge series, winning 160 to 145 to go through to the second round. The Trinity team members are James Gunn (team captain), Ben Coker, Maxim Parr-Reid and Nicole Rosenfeld.

Meanwhile, James Gunn’s tutor, Gail Trimble, Brown Fellow and Tutor in Classics, has appeared in another BBC quiz show, Only Connect. Her team, the ‘Meeples’, has won a place in the second round, having beaten the ‘Tequila Slammers’ (their second appearance was on 10 November).

The college congratulates both teams and hopes to see them do equally well in their respective second rounds!

Updated: 13 November 2017

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