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Trinity Talks

Beyond the Classroom

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Online Talks

Trinity’s postgraduate students and academics are offering supercurricular enrichment to secondary and sixth-form students at state schools. 

Trinity Talks: Beyond the Classroom sees a college academic or postgraduate deliver an interactive teaching session online, with a mix of topics ranging from the politics of Brexit and the future of plastics to the sequencing of the human genome and Virginia Woolf’s modernism. The topics are deliberately designed to supplement standard themes in GCSE or A-Level courses, as well as being interesting standalone topics for students. 

Each Trinity Talk session takes the form of an online presentation with interactive discussion and questions. The talks are recorded and are available on a playlist on Trinity's YouTube Channel. 

You can register for the 2022 Trinity Talks online.

I really liked the interesting ideas brought forward, the fact that the speaker was an expert in the field, and the easy way in which we could ask questions and contribute to discussion in the polls and word clouds.

The talk was endlessly interesting and I got some brilliant notes out of it that I plan on incorporating into my A Level English Lit essays. Thank you for this opportunity!

2021 Trinity Talk feedback