Monetary Economics Conference

Scholars from academia and practitioners from central banks met at Trinity College at the end of September for the FRBNY-Oxford Monetary Economics conference.

Andrea Ferrero, the Levine Tutorial Fellow in Economics, organised the event, together with his current colleagues in the Economics Department, and his former colleagues at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The conference featured nine papers and two round-table discussions. Among the topics, labour market dynamics, sovereign debt, and low inflation played a prominent role. An expert in the field discussed each paper, and a Q&A session followed each presentation. The first ’round-table’ covered the interaction between monetary policy and macro-prudential regulation. The second panel focused on the reasons for extraordinarily low nominal and real interest rates.

‘Trinity College was the perfect location for this event. The presentations took place in the Danson Room. All participants expressed their admiration for the true academic vibe of the room. Perhaps even stronger was their appreciation of the beauty of the Dining Hall and of the food and wine served at the conference dinner.’

All participants were impressed with Trinity’s hospitality, and are looking forward to future opportunities to visit Oxford again soon. The organiser have extended their thanks to the supporting staff, with special mention to the Conference & Functions Administrator, Accommodation Manager and SCR Steward and their teams, for making the conference a seamless event.

Andrea Ferrero

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