Tree felling for the Levine Building

The first significant preparatory works for Trinity’s new Levine Building have begun.

To enable access and construction, a number of trees in the Wilderness, alongside the college’s lawns, have been removed. Although the felling of trees has been completed, the team will remain on site for several more days.

Diseased tree trunks have been disposed of using a wood chipper—Europe’s largest wood chipper had to be brought in for this task!  Other wood has been saved and will be used within the college as planks and, it is hoped, even for carvings.

As some of the trees in the Wilderness have come down, others have been going up. A half mile of new hedging, including new trees, has been planted on the college’s Wroxton estate in north Oxfordshire.

Further information

As part of the building project, Trinity has made a commitment to ensure careful coordination with neighbours, including the Weston Library, to facilitate works and protect the Weston Library site.

  • There has been careful collaboration between Trinity College and the Weston Library in order to facilitate works.
  • Access and health and safety arrangements have been considered prior to the works, and will be undertaken in a manner to protect the Weston Library site.
  • Arrangements to protect the adjacent mechanical plant has been provided, and works will be undertaken in co-ordination with the Weston Library’s facilities team.
  • Ecology will be considered throughout the building project, and on the first morning of the tree works, the team met the project Ecologist to agree which features in the trees would be left in place for a period or placed on the ground to allow any wildlife to migrate to a new home.


Updated: 25 February

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