The World Government Summit

The President and three current Trinity students attended the World Government Summit in Dubai.

The President, Dame Hilary Boulding, along with one graduate and one undergraduate student, attended the summit at the invitation of Roger Michel (1984), who generously made this possible. Also at the summit was a Trinity DPhil Student, who was one of a group attending from the Saïd Business School.

‘The yearly Summit aims to generate “Dialogues to Shape the Future of Governments & lives of citizens worldwide”, and as such involved an incredible array of workshops, discussion panels and seminars with world leading experts in a variety of fields. Speakers ranged from Christine Lagarde (Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund) discussing world equality, to astrophysicist Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, who spoke about colonising space and living on Mars. Themes of happiness, climate change, youth and today’s unique challenges and opportunities were explored through cutting edge technology and innovative ideas.

‘Throughout the speeches by government officials and private-sector trail blazers, it was clear the emphasis was on generating positive discussion on new world developments and how innovative and creative thinking could lead to economic growth and world prosperity…   Alongside the display of ground breaking research, the Summit also showcased an innovative Artificial Intelligence exhibition, which displayed a painting that had been physically painted by a robot in a given style, while in contrast to the technology focused part of the agenda, the Summit’s theme of happiness provided an alternative outlook to how the current socio-economic climate impacts on the world population’s mental and physical well being… Overall the trip was inspirational and by exploring Dubai as a global hub, it became very apparent that the conference agenda itself reflected this with the abundance of talent in attendance from across the world.’ Rhiannon Heard

Updated: 23 February 2018

The President centre, with Roger Michel, second from right, and the three Trinity students at the summit