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Trinity telethons

Since 2000, the number of donors has risen; this can be attributed largely to the success of the telethon. The first telethon was held in 2004 and the increase in the number of donors that year is indicative of its impact. The telethon has become a regular part of the college’s fundraising strategy.

Donor graph


As the graph above shows, the number of donors has been increasing steadily, especially within the last ten years. We hope this upward trend will continue and that 30 per cent or more of Old Members will make a donation each year, bringing Trinity in line, once again, with the best supported colleges in Oxford.

Thank you again to everyone who has taken a call over the last ten years and to all of you who will go on to take a call in the future.

The September telethon is underway, click below to find out about the callers.

Current Callers
Current Callers