Research success for Trinity Scholar

A Trinity doctoral student has been recognised for his successful work researching surgical interventions in childbirth.

Tinashe Chandauka is a medical doctor, doctoral student in Surgical Sciences and a Rhodes Scholar from South Africa and was recently awarded the ‘Early Stage Researcher of the Year Award’ by the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences.

Chandauka’s work has also led to an invitation to give a seminar at the Harvard School of Public Health and the William Pitt Society at Trinity College on the topic of ‘Morbidity and mortality due to bleeding during and after caesarean section in South Africa’. These seminars outlined his mixed-methods approach including social network analysis, interviews and surveys to uncover the hidden workings of teams.

The findings from his research will hopefully offer insights into the crucial role nursing staff play in diffusing information across surgical teams in emergency and elective care of women during surgical procedures.

Chandauka’s trip has generated new collaborative links that he hopes will allow Oxford, Harvard and the University of Cape Town to expand a perioperative research capacity within South Africa. He says: ‘Travelling to meet Dr Margaret Kruk and her world-renowned team at the Harvard School of Public Health gave me valuable insight into the global relevance of the work we have done in South Africa. It’s also given me confidence that knowledge generated in the Global South can change medical practice in the Global North. I hope to shine a light on the wonderful work being done by my African collaborators at the University of Cape Town, without them this would not be possible.’

Chandauka completed his fieldwork in Cape Town South Africa over a two-year period with the support of several grants, including a contribution from Trinity College. His research is supported by his supervisor, Trinity fellow and Professor of Surgical Science and Practice Peter McCulloch.

Posted: 28 February 2019

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