COVID-19: Resources for students

We are mindful that adjustments to life and study due to coronavirus are ongoing and possibly long-term. We have all had to learn COVID-awareness, affecting almost every aspect of our life and behaviour, and this will continue.

We want to reassure all our students that adapting to a new normal doesn’t diminish our commitment to your wellbeing and welfare which is our absolute priority. We will continue to provide the advice, care and support you need to thrive and flourish with resilience:

  • We have to continue to behave differently for the safety of our community
  • We are finding creative ways to ensure students can meet, socialise and work both remotely and in outdoor or socially-distanced indoor settings
  • We are adapting our environment to be confident that when we meet we’re doing all we can to reduce viral transmission and keep ourselves and each other safe.
  • We continue to strive for equality and diversity working together to help you thrive and develop personally and academically, as a member of the college and the wider university community.

Key information for all students

The information and resources below will ensure you understand the measures Trinity and the University are undertaking to keep you safe, while allowing you to continue to pursue the academic and social activities that are central to your life in Oxford and at Trinity:

The main Oxford University COVID-19 Response pages contain the most up to date and detailed information for students, including information about keeping you safe and well; how to access the University’s Early Alert Testing Service; detailed advice about accommodation and life in colleges; and advice about travel and visas for international students.

The Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust also has a helpful resource page with up-to-date NHS advice and local updates about COVID19 in Oxfordshire.

Key college information – to be reviewed regularly and updated as circumstances permit

* Please consult our detailed student FAQs for full guidance *

Please note that we will be applying a social distance of 2 metres at all times. Masks and social distancing will be required for face-to-face teaching and in indoor shared spaces such as reading rooms.

The college will be closed to all non-college members (with the exception of students from other colleges visiting for teaching) to minimise the possibility of infection spread; we will keep this under review.

The Lawns Pavilion reading room will be open 8am-midnight daily from 0th week. Face coverings will need to be worn and students must clean their desks before and after use with the wipes provided.

The Library will remain closed to readers because of the challenge of social distancing in a working space, but the Library team will provide a Click & Collect book service, which students can request by email.


If you are arriving in college from overseas, you will need to self-isolate according to government advice (guidance for international students can be found here):

If you do need to self isolate due to quarantine requirements, please remain in your room except when you need to use the bathroom, and fully clean shared bathrooms before and after use. If you wish to go outside, you are welcome to use the President’s Garden if you are in an onsite room. If you are in one of our outside properties, please use the garden there. In both cases you should avoid contact with others, and practice social distancing at all times.

If you think you might have COVID-19 symptoms, you should follow University guidance on testing, and self-isolate. Alternatively, please call the Lodge on 01865 279900, who will be happy to direct you. Arrangements for food and academic attendance can be made by contacting the SCR Steward and your tutors respectively.

If you or a member of your college household tests positive, you must all self-isolate according to government advice. Members of the household who do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not tested positive, can arrange visits to the President’s Garden for fresh air as a group, but anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must stay in their rooms and avoid contact with others.

Please don’t worry if you or your household has to self-isolate; we will be in regular contact with households who have been asked to self-isolate, and will make all necessary arrangements to ensure you are supported.

In case you need to self isolate, and we are unable to get food delivered for 12 hours, please ensure you have a selection of non perishable items in your room. Example include instant soup, crackers, energy bars etc.

The gardens may be used by college members adhering to social distancing of 2m; an outdoor marquee will provide additional space for socially-distanced group meetings and socialising.

Due to hygiene concerns, all communal kitchens on the main college site – including the JCR and MCR kitchens – will remain closed. The Hall and Kitchen team have worked hard to develop a range of menus, including a cold takeaway service, to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Due to the reduced capacity of the dining hall with social distancing measures and the need to reduce large groups queuing, you will now need to sign on for meals two days in advance and pay in advance; half-hour sittings can be booked and 2m distancing will reduce the hall capacity to 24 for each seating.

The college beer cellar will open for coffee and drinks, but capacity will be limited to 16 with a maximum stay of 2 hours. A takeaway service will be provided so you can take drinks to the marquee.

All college gyms, including the rowing room at the Nunnery will remain closed but under review until we’re able to manage the hygiene requirements more effectively. The College boathouse and sportsground will be open as usual, with the ability to book fixtures as usual via the Groundsman. We may from time to time remove or prevent particular sports subject to advice regarding social distancing.

Wellbeing resources: Your wellbeing matters!

Keep Connected * Keep Active * Keep Learning * Take notice * Be Generous

We all feel lonely and down sometimes, so use the opportunities there are for meeting and walking outdoors in College Gardens or one the many Oxford parks (the University Parks, Port Meadow, Christ Church Meadow or South Park), socially distanced if you’re with friends from other households.

You may feel alone, but you are not alone! Reach out and be positive- there is always someone to talk to. Your friends, college household, Peer Supporters, Welfare Reps, and the Junior Deans out-of-hours (contactable via the Lodge) are there for you.

If you have to self-isolate because of COVID-19 please don’t worry! We will reach out to you with support, advice and practical help. But life goes on regardless of COVID-19. Reach out if you are anxious or worried about anything, COVID-19 or not. You’ll find our contact details are on the website Wellbeing pages and please don’t forget the Lodge: 01865-279900; the porters are always ready to help!

Online resources for wellbeing and mental health support

  • If you are feeling low or looking for strategies to take care of your own mental health, you can find support 24/7 at TogetherAll (previously BigWhiteWall). This is a clinician supervised, anonymous community with resources to help you take control. You need your University email.
  • Mind have produced an in-depth guide to COVID 19 and wellbeing
  • The government website has good advice on mental health and wellbeing as well
  • Student Minds at Student Space offers online, text and email support
  • The University Counselling Service has podcasts and blogs for managing your mind, mood and digital devices
  • The Mental Health Foundation has suggestions on good mental health around COVID-19, including limiting the media you are using