COVID-19: Resources for students

Update 4 November: We are in a period of new national restrictions and it is essential that you follow all Government guidance when in college, including rules around socialising. 

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms and need to book a test: please notify the Lodge once you have booked your test. All relevant college health and COVID-19 contacts will automatically be notified when you book a test with the Oxford Early Alert Testing Service; any tests booked through the NHS or privately will not automatically notify college, so please do ensure you notify the Porter’s Lodge so they can put the relevant support in place.

*** Please note the following key changes to college life from 4 November ***

College facilities

  • The college bar will be closed apart from delivery service; it will be available for booking in the evenings on a limited basis for individual households only.
  • The dining hall remains open and students can now sit with their household groups.
  • College chapels and other places of worship may be open for individual worship (further details tbc).
  • College sports clubs should not arrange any in-person sporting activities – either indoors or outdoors. College gyms, pavilions and boat houses will have to close.
  • All room bookings for activities have been suspended; student-managed events will have to be arranged by college or take place online.

Student life

  • You must not meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of your household. You should not invite anyone else from outside your household into your accommodation
  • College grounds may be used for outdoor exercise only by members of college.
  • You can only meet one person outside your household for exercise or to visit outdoor public places. This must be by yourself and not with your household.

The health and wellbeing of our College community is our top priority. We are grateful to all our students and staff who have taken on board the new ways of working and living for the sake of the safety of our community, and will do whatever we can to support everyone through the end of term and beyond.

Life at Trinity: Key information for all students

The information and resources below will ensure you understand the measures Trinity and the University are undertaking to keep you safe, while allowing you to continue to pursue the academic and social activities that are central to your life in Oxford and at Trinity:

The main Oxford University COVID-19 Response pages contain the most up to date and detailed information for students, including information about keeping you safe and well; how to access the University’s Early Alert Testing Service; detailed advice about accommodation and life in colleges; and advice about travel and visas for international students.

The Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust also has a helpful resource page with up-to-date NHS advice and local updates about COVID19 in Oxfordshire.

Key college information – to be reviewed regularly and updated as circumstances permit

One way routes and distancing

There will be one-way systems in place for some of our busier spaces, including the dining hall. You are asked to follow these routes at all times to make sure the flow of people around college is easy and safe. These systems will be clearly signposted and, where queuing is likely, spaces will be marked out to allow everyone to safely distance.

Many locations in college will have limited capacity, or operate a one-in, one-out policy. These include high-traffic areas like the Porter’s Lodge and student laundry facilities. Please be patient and respect the space of others while waiting.

Hand hygiene

It is essential that all college members follow good hand hygiene guidelines at all times. This includes washing regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, and using alcohol hand sanitiser in between where necessary. There are sanitiser dispensers near bathrooms, kitchens and other frequently-used places in college.

When you use an area that others may have used, be ready to wipe it down if required. There are cleaning stations in the reading room, teaching rooms and other spaces. Please also wipe down your own surface after using wherever possible.

Face coverings

Everyone will be expected to wear a face covering in shared indoor spaces. You will be issued with two Trinity washable face masks and are free to wear these or a face covering of your choice. Please refer to University guidance regarding face covering.

While it may feel strange, wearing a face covering is a helpful mitigation measure particularly in higher risk areas like indoors and when socialising outside your household. Wearing face coverings is a social responsibility for all members of the University who can wear them, and provides reassurance to our community, including those most vulnerable to serious illness.

Face coverings are not a substitute for other social distancing measures, which should be followed at all times. Face coverings are only effective when used correctly and washed regularly; please ensure you are following safe practice when putting on, removing and wearing coverings. Make sure that when you are not wearing your covering you keep it in a separate bag, and wash after each use if possible.

Please respect that some people are exempt from wearing a face covering. They may choose to wear a badge or sunflower lanyard to indicate this, but these are not compulsory.

Can I still smoke in College?

Please do use this time to consider giving up smoking for all the obvious health benefits. Our College Nurse, Kerry Minton would be happy to provide information at

If you need to smoke, please ensure you use the smoking shelters as usual, and practice social distancing at all times. You should dispose of any cigarette butts in the bins provided.

Please never smoke in your room due to fire risk.

We are following University-wide teaching policy this term ( At Trinity, the format of your teaching will be guided by your tutors. This means you will need to be responsive to any communication from your tutors about any changes to format, and follow health and safety measures at all times when moving around college to and from academic teaching. We particularly ask that you try to minimise any queuing or gathering outside tutorial spaces, and that you maintain social distancing before and during teaching.

As covid cases are now higher in Oxford, it is likely that more of your teaching may be on Teams. Your tutors will advise you if they have made this decision; if you are required to self-isolate or are not permitted to attend teaching in person it is, conversely, it is your responsibility to advise your tutors that your teaching will need to be on Teams. If any student wishes to be taught on Teams because of health concerns, even when not self-isolating, they may request this by emailing their tutors. (Your tutors would not expect you to give any personal health details. But please do contact the Wellbeing Adviser, College Nurse or College GP if you would like their advice on wellbeing and health issues.)

Teaching rooms and other public spaces will be cleaned at regular intervals, but we also need your help in keeping areas clean. Please use the antibacterial wipes and other cleaning materials to clean your desk and seating area when you arrive and also when you leave. You should remove all belongings and take any rubbish with you.

Please always leave a teaching room promptly so that the Scouts are able to enter the room to clean.

The Academic Office works closely with the Estates Bursar to support students with unforeseen financial needs, so if you think you need additional equipment to allow you continue your studies (for example, while self-isolating), please contact the Academic Office.

For further details about teaching and learning across the University, including arrangements for exams and assessments, fieldwork abroad, and other FAQs, please visit

Under the new national restrictions, many College facilities will now be restricted or closed, outside of visits by a single household.

Where shared spaces like the marquee are still operating, please respect space configurations at all times – chairs, tables and other furniture have been arranged to comply with social distancing requirements, so do not rearrange things without prior approval.

Dining hall and catering

Our Hall service has been changed to make sure it’s available to all members, and that we can safely provide meals to all members of College.

Numbers in the dining hall have been reduced – social distancing requires a drop to less than 20% of our previous capacity at any one time. To compensate for this lost capacity we will have extended opening hours.

In order to try and help students to enjoy meals in Hall more, we are going to allow Household groups to sign up for meal sittings and sit together, but with each household group distanced from other household groups in Hall.

We will also operate a one-way system that means the entrance to Hall is now in Dolphin Yard, with the exit in Durham Quad.

What are the dining arrangements?

Our Kitchen and Hall teams have been working hard to plan a full breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Please note that menus will be published in advance, and you should book on to each service 2 days prior using

Please note: All those signing on will have to ‘tick’ the number of the Households they are in, in the ‘Additional Items’ section of the sign-up page. We will then arrange for anyone from the same household to be seated together. Anyone who has booked in for a meal but has not ticked their household number will have to be seated individually with distancing in place.

We will also provide a takeaway lunch and dinner service from the Britton Room. Again, you will need to sign up 2 days in advance using

It will be difficult to deliver Formal Halls or Guest Nights as we used to have them – they require a large number of staff to prepare and serve them, and the experience of far fewer people spread across the hall for a shorter period of time would not be as enjoyable. We look forward to being able to reinstate Formal Halls and other events when it is safe to do so.

If you require any further detail regarding dining, please contact Jon Flint, SCR Steward at

Monday-Friday: 8am-9am
Sign on in advance, minimum of 2 days prior. Payment will be taken at the service point.

Saturday and Sunday brunch
Set price, sign on and pay in advance, minimum of 2 days prior.
Sittings: 10-10.30am, 10.30-11am, 11-11.30am, 11.30-12.00, 12-12.30pm.

Sign on and pay per item, minimum of 2 days prior
Sittings: 12-12.30pm, 12.30-1pm, 1-1.30pm, 1.30-2pm.

A cold collection service will also be available in the Britton Room

Sign on and pay in advance, minimum of 2 days prior
Sittings: 6-6.30, 6.30-7, 7-7.30, 7.30-8

A cold collection service will also be available in the Britton Room

Can I access a microwave to heat my own food?

A small number of microwaves will be located in the Annexe (next to Hall), so that students are able to heat their own food.

This facility will be staffed so that we’re able to manage hygiene, and limited to a maximum of 3 people at a time. Opening hours will be Monday-Sunday, 11am-8pm.

All food must be taken away for consumption due to limited space.

Is the College Bar open?

Due to the new national restrictions, the college bar will only be able to offer a delivery service; this will be available from 6pm until 9pm; reservations can be made by emailing and a menu and price list is available here.

In order to allow students to socialise safely outside their rooms, the beer cellar space will be open to household groups on a limited basis with the following conditions:

  • Households can book a one-hour slot between 5:30pm and 9pm by emailing
  • You must book at least 24 hours in advance to ensure the bar will be properly staffed and there are not last-minute double bookings
  • No drinks will be served to groups using the beer cellar during bookings
  • The beer cellar will be thoroughly cleaned between bookings
  • For health reasons we have removed all books; the pool and football tables will also not be available for use.

The marquee will remain open for household groups, and drinks can be consumed in the marquee. There must be absolutely no mixing of households and social distancing measures must be observed. Failure to do so will necessitate the closure of the marquee.

Are the communal kitchens open?

Due to hygiene issues, all communal kitchens on site – including the JCR and MCR kitchens - will remain closed. The Hall and Kitchen team have worked hard to develop a range of menus, including a cold takeaway service, so we hope to see you in Hall. However, if you feel unable to dine in Hall or use the takeaway service because of dietary or other issues, then please contact Mandy Giles, Domestic Manager so we can explore alternative arrangements. Please note above that there will be a microwave available for heating meals.

Other student facilities


The JCR and MCR are closed as communal social spaces, as they are spaces where it will be difficult to control access and maintain social distancing; we also need our scouts to focus on regular cleaning of other communal areas.

Student laundry

The laundry facilities will remain open, but only one student will be allowed in the laundry room at any time unless students are in the same household.

Please do not touch or remove other users’ clothing or other items, and help keep the area properly sanitised by using the cleaning equipment.


For this term, a number of changes to normal library services have been made, and our helpful library team, Emma and Sarah, are on hand to give a friendly welcome, provide advice and offer a priority book request service.

The War Memorial Library is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and ongoing building works. The library team are operating a dedicated Click & Collect book service for College members, which can be requested via this online form

The Lawns Pavilion reading room is open 8am-midnight daily. Face coverings will need to be worn and students must clean their desks before and after use with the wipes provided.

Please contact the College Librarian Emma Sillett for further detail as she’d be happy to assist. Emma and her team will also review library arrangements on a regular basis and circulate any updates to these arrangements. Emma can be contacted at

Study spaces are also available in the JCR, Hall (outside meal times) and in the Nunnery Attic (residents only).

The library team will be in the office Monday through Friday, from 10am until 4pm and can be contacted by email.

Using the study spaces

Covid-19 guidelines mean the following measures must be in place until further notice:

  • Face coverings should be worn, hand sanitizer used and desks, PCs and printers cleaned by readers before and after use with cleaning wipes provided
  • A one-way system will be in operation
    Personal property cannot be left on desks (lockers can be hired by offsite students)
  • Drinks in lidded cups are allowed, but food cannot be brought into the reading rooms
  • Books cannot be borrowed on behalf of other students
  • Conversations and phone calls should remain outside the quiet study environment
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the reading room
  • No alcohol is allowed

Finding and returning your books

To borrow a book while the main library building remains closed, please complete this online form: Insert link

As well as telling us the book’s title and author, we will need the Trinity shelfmark and Trinity barcode. You can find these on the SOLO library catalogue.

Books will be available to collect from 3pm the next day from the Library Quad marquee. You will receive an email when your books are ready.

Trinity members can benefit from borrowing up to 30 books at a time for an entire term or vacation. Unless a book has been requested by another reader, books can be renewed online via your SOLO account or by emailing Please take care of all books on loan to you and return requested books promptly. Damaged, lost or unreturned books will result in a replacement fee and admin fee.
If you need a book which is already on loan, please email The book will be reserved for you when it is returned.
Please return books to the Library Quad marquee. As we now need to quarantine books overnight for your safety, the timing is important:

- Between noon and midnight, please return your books to the metal book bin.
- Books returned the next morning before noon (or books which don’t fit in the metal book bin) must go in the plastic book returns box.

The metal book bin and plastic book box are labelled with the times to guide you

IT facilities

Wi-fi is available and four PCs for student use can be found in the Lawns Pavilion Reading Room. You will need your Trinity username and password for the PCs.

A printer/copier/scanner can be found in the Lawns Pavilion Reading Room. Printing in College is free, and print jobs can be sent from library PCs or from your own devices. Follow these print instructions or contact IT Manager Alastair Johnson for more information.

Access to non-college members

The library is for Trinity College members only. If we have a book you need which is not available elsewhere in Oxford, you are welcome to contact to request an appointment. Please note that the library is closed to all visitors until 2021.

Meetings and room bookings

The new national restrictions mean that meetings or activities can only take place in person where there is a clear educational purpose.  Therefore student-led events should now be arranged by the college, or else take place online. Please email if you have any queries.

The Oxford University Student Union have created a very useful presentation giving advice when considering a student event that is COVID-19 compliant – please visit the site here.

What spaces can I book or use for meetings or socialising?

While room bookings are no longer allowed under the new restrictions, more than one household may use the marquee, provided that there is strictly no mixing between households and that all social distancing precautions have been taken.

The marquee will be available to allow safe outdoor socialising outdoors, but the new national restrictions mean that you are prohibited from mixing with members outside your household.

The marquee will close down at 10pm, but students may (with consideration to noise) use the rest of the grounds after that time. The marquee may also be used after 10pm for small household groups or individuals which do not disturb other students.

Can I book a Trinity meeting room for my club or society?

We are currently not accepting room bookings from students whilst we are under the new national restrictions. These restrictions mean that any group activities can only take place in person where there is a clear educational purpose. Any student-led events should now be arranged by the college, or else take place online. Please email if you have an queries about an event or meeting you are thinking of organising.

Can I use the gardens to meet friends?

Currently you can only meet one person outside your household for exercise or to visit outdoor public places. This must be by yourself and not with your household. This is in line with the new national restrictions.

College grounds count as public outdoor spaces for this purpose.  However, you should should not invite visitors from other colleges into the college grounds.

The garden seating areas and marquee must be left clean and tidy after use. Please ensure that you remove all rubbish, and be aware of other users and fellow students who may be studying or sleeping in College rooms in the area.

Sport and athletic activities in College

The new national restrictions mean that all college sports activities, including training, must stop until the restrictions lift.

You may still exercise outdoors with your household, or on your own with one other person outside your household at a distance of at least 2 metres.

Are the College gyms open for use?

All gym facilities – including the Broad Street gyms and Nunnery rowing room – will remain closed until further notice.

Please do take advantage of all the opportunities to exercise outdoors where possible.

Music in College

Music has always been an important part of the Trinity community, but inevitably the COVID-19 restrictions will limit opportunities for music making and performing. We know the benefits of music and want to make it possible for people to practice and to play. We hope that over the year things will ease up but for Michaelmas Term these are the suggestions for places to rehearse and play.


There are two pianos in College that can be used for individual practice or for small ensembles.

Chapel Piano – Yamaha Grand is in the antechapel.
Sutro Room – Yamaha Upright Staircase 7
Please note the Britton Room piano is not in use this term.

Both pianos are now kept locked. The key is available from the Porters Lodge to those who have been authorised to play. Those using the pianos must agree to wash their hands thoroughly before and after playing, avoid touching their face while playing and touch as little as possible around the piano. After playing the piano must be locked and the chapel piano covered. Please use the wipes provided to clean any areas you have touched. Don’t use alcoholic wipes on the keyboard.

Please do not pass keys on to other students. The student taking out the key must ensure it is returned to the lodge promptly.

The Chapel is used for services and as a space for quiet reflection. Please be considerate if individuals are in the chapel. Email the chaplain if you wish to book a specific time.

The Sutro room will be a teaching room for most of the day but should be available in the evenings if not booked.

Rehearsal Space

The Chapel may be booked for rehearsal space for small groups of musicians who have agreed to practice the required distancing. If it is an instrument that you can play with a face covering, then face coverings are required.

There will be a small stack of chairs and some music stands in the ante chapel that can be moved to enable a group to play. Please arrange your group with 2 metres distance between you.

A box of cleaning material will be left next to the chairs and students must return any chairs and stands to the antechapel and wipe them down with cleaning fluid.

Please do not use cleaning fluid on the piano.

The piano cannot be moved into the chapel.

To book please email

It may be possible to book other rooms such as the Sutro or Britton rooms when they are not in use for teaching or meals. Please book through

Other musical arrangements

Musicians from outside College

In order to make up an ensemble you may need to include instrumentalists from other colleges. Please email the Chaplain a request for permission to allow them in for rehearsals. She will then be able to authorise them for regular practice sessions.

Trinity College Chapel Choir

We are aiming to find ways for the choir to rehearse and perform in services. It may well be that some of the service music is pre-recorded. Please make contact with Tristan Weymes our senior organ scholar.

Trinity College Orchestra

Sadly, for safety reasons, this term we need to restrict ensemble music-making to small groups with a maximum of 6 players, so the orchestra will not be able to meet this term.


It will be lovely to find ways of having live performances. Please talk to Tristan (President of the Music Society) or the Chaplain about where performances can happen and how we can arrange them. It should be possible to have small concerts in the chapel, the marquee or the Britton room if social distancing restrictions are observed. We are also purchasing a video camera and we may be able to look at streaming performances on the College YouTube channel.

At Trinity, the health and wellbeing of our College community is our top priority. We are here to help all members enjoy the many cultural, academic and international resources of being in Oxford by making creative, COVID-safe adjustments to the way we live, learn, socialise and work.

Mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19

We all feel lonely and down sometimes, so use the opportunities there are for meeting and walking outdoors in College Gardens or one the many Oxford parks (the University Parks, Port Meadow, Christ Church Meadow or South Park), socially distanced if you’re with friends from other households.

You may feel alone, but you are not alone! Reach out and be positive- there is always someone to talk to. Your friends, College household, Peer Supporters, Welfare Reps, and the Junior Deans out-of-hours (contactable via the Lodge) are there for you.

If you have to self-isolate because of COVID-19 please don’t worry! We will reach out to you with support, advice and practical help. But life goes on regardless of COVID-19. Reach out if you are anxious or worried about anything, COVID-19 or not. You’ll find our contact details are on the website Wellbeing pages and please don’t forget the Lodge: 01865-279900; the porters are always ready to help!

Online resources for wellbeing and mental health support

If you are feeling low or looking for strategies to take care of your own mental health, you can find support 24/7 at TogetherAll (previously BigWhiteWall). This is a clinician supervised, anonymous community with resources to help you take control. You need your University email.

Mind have produced an in-depth guide to COVID 19 and wellbeing

The government website has good advice on mental health and wellbeing as well

Student Minds at Student Space offers online, text and email support

The University Counselling Service has podcasts and blogs for managing your mind, mood and digital devices

The Mental Health Foundation has suggestions on good mental health around COVID-19, including limiting the media you are using

Medical health

If you are feeling unwell, you should contact the College nurse or doctor as detailed in the College handbook. Any consultations with the nurse or doctor are entirely confidential. Please also see our website for further information

Will the college surgery be open?

No, the College Nurse and Doctor will be operating an online appointment system only. Please visit the website for more detail at

If the Doctor or Nurse thinks you need a clinical assessment in person, they will arrange this in the appropriate place.

Will there be a ‘Drop-In’ facility at the Surgery when the College Nurse is there?

No. As with all clinical consultations in all settings nationwide, all initial consultations will be remote, by appointment.

How do I get emergency or urgent medical care if I need it?

Covid19 is not the only illness that can make you unwell. If your symptoms are worsening and causing you concern, you need to seek NHS help. If you are in College you should call the lodge (01865 279900) who will help you contact the College nurse or doctor, advise you to call 111, or will make a 999 call on your behalf. If you live outside College, contact your NHS general practitioner, call 111, or in emergency dial 999.

For emergency medical attention outside College, call 999 and ask for the ambulance service. If you have an emergency in College, it’s best to call the Lodge (01865-279900), as they can call 999 for you and direct the ambulance to exactly where you are.

The Student Agreement and your responsibility

As a college of Oxford University, Trinity is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its students and staff are respected.

Adapting to life in the University and the city of Oxford under COVID-19 safety measures is new to everyone. We all will need to develop new habits and make adjustments to our daily life to enable academic learning. In doing so we need to treat each other with patience and understanding.

Sometimes things do go wrong, or someone else’s actions unjustifiably disrupts the lives of others. In a college community everyone has a responsibility to take care in relation to themselves and others. In a physically compressed environment like Trinity, together with the pressures of Oxford life in a global pandemic, it is even more important to be aware that your actions will affect others in College.

Should you believe that someone’s conduct is persistently and unreasonably creating serious risk, in the first instance speak with the Wellbeing Advisor. She can identify what appropriate next steps can be taken, for example a discussion with the individual about their behaviour and if necessary referral for action to be taken under the relevant disciplinary framework.

However please also bear in mind that every circumstance will be different and any response must be appropriate and proportionate. For instance, if you are worried about someone not wearing a face covering in shared indoor space or not following distancing requirements, they may have justification for this, such as a health condition. It is important you remain mindful of possible valid reasons for not wearing a mask, and not challenge an individual about this, no matter how tactfully.

The Student Agreement and disciplinary policy

We take seriously our role in protecting our community’s health and support our collective wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore students who refuse to sign the Student Responsibility Agreement will not be permitted to reside in college accommodation or enter college property. Any student not signing the Student Responsibility Agreement will be expected to continue their course online only for college provided teaching, while departments may take additional action. If you have any concerns about signing the agreement, the Dean or President would be happy to discuss them.

Can I study from home?

Any discussions about studying from home or exemptions from living in college residence should be directed to the Senior Tutor.

Notification to students of possible sanctions for breaches of COVID-19 regulations

Trinity College is resolute in its commitment to supporting its students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We have worked closely with the University and Oxford SU as the University’s student representative body to develop a range of health measures to keep everyone safe.

All students have been asked to sign the COVID-19 Student Responsibility Agreement. That Agreement is the University’s way of asking students to affirm their commitment to protecting our community.

Adherence to the Agreement is important as a matter of public health and to help avoid local lockdown measures for the city. It is especially important to help protect people in the college and university (including staff and students) and in the wider community with health conditions and other characteristics and circumstances that make them more vulnerable to severe symptoms and death from COVID-19.

We hope that students will want to keep our community safe and that the overwhelming majority will follow the guidance closely. However, students who do not follow government, university or college regulations on COVID-19 safety may be subject to sanctions.

Indicative possible sanctions outlined below are subject to consideration by the Dean of the context, circumstances and severity of infringements. They are designed to respond to a range of circumstances, from an accidental infringement by someone who is clearly trying to keep to the rules, to a deliberately reckless and serious breach which will necessitate a substantial sanction. Possible sanctions available to the Dean include, but are not limited to:

  • a) A reminder of the nature and importance of the regulations from the Dean, together with a warning of the sanction that will accompany a repeated offence.
  • b) Up to four hours community service or a fine of £50, to be paid on a timescale agreed with the Bursary, and a warning of the sanction that will accompany a repeated offence.
  • c) Banning a student from shared facilities and common areas in college properties, including the library, shared study areas, common rooms, the marquee and gardens for a fixed period.
  • d) Banning a student from all college property for a fixed period. In this case a student would be instructed to leave college accommodation as soon as practically possible (but also as a matter of urgency). The student would continue any tuition provided by the college online. However, the college cannot guarantee that university departments would be willing and able to provide online alternatives to lab sessions etc. and so some students may find that banishment from college in effect means that they might have to suspend their entire degree course, perhaps for the remainder of the academic year. (NB: Students will not be evicted if they have no primary residence or alternative accommodation other than their college accommodation, e.g. cases of estrangement.)

Sanctions c and d are designed primarily to improve the safety of others rather than punish transgressors.

Please note: The college code of conduct, decanal policy and procedures and complaints procedure as set out in the handbook continue to apply. For details, see: College Handbook 20 21 FINAL

For all the latest COVID-19 guidance and updates, please ensure you visit the Trinity COVID-19 web pages, and please read any emails with College guidance carefully.

This information in this guide will be regularly updated on the Trinity COVID-19 website pages as needed; please make sure you check online for the latest guidance. Any suggested changes or amendments can be sent to

Please bookmark the following pages which contain important COVID-19 information that will be updated regularly:

Trinity College student COVID-19 pages:

Oxford University student COVID-19 pages:

Oxford University information about student life and colleges:

COVID-19 Student Responsibility Agreement:

Testing for COVID-19: Early Alert Service:

NHS advice around self-isolation and treatment for COVID-19: