COVID-19: College updates and guidance

We are very mindful that the Covid-19 (coronavirus) situation makes for an anxious time for many members of our community, especially those who have pre-existing health conditions, have family members in high-risk groups, use public transport to get to work, or have friends and family in other affected countries.

This is a rapidly changing situation, and we are seeking to respond as swiftly as possible to emerging information and advice. We cannot make any straightforward guarantees on what the College or the University may be obliged to do in the coming weeks. But we can assure you that we will communicate with you promptly.

This page contains the latest updated guidance on how the college is responding, what measures we have put in place, how we are asking staff and students to respond, and what resources are available.

Please read this update from the College President to the entire Trinity community and friends for a detailed discussion of the College’s plans and message to its members.

Please bookmark the government advice and central Oxford University update pages as your best reference sites for the latest recommendations and FAQs. The latest arrangements for Trinity Term teaching and examinations are also online here.

For college staff and academics

For college students