Students thank inspirational teachers


Twelve state school teachers from across Britain have been honoured as ‘inspirational teachers’ by Oxford University as part of an awards scheme designed to recognise excellent teachers from state schools and colleges.

Two of the winning teachers were nominated by Trinity College undergraduates.

Megan Jones, a Materials Science student, nominated her former Maths teacher Joy Humphrey, who teaches at the Ilfracombe Academy. Megan said,

Mrs Humphrey had taught me Maths for a couple of years when she suggested I looked into applying to Oxford. It had never crossed my mind to even consider it, as our school has very little history of anyone even applying to Oxford or Cambridge.

Mrs Humphrey was unbelievably supportive throughout the entire application process; she had endless enthusiasm and encouragement. Without all of this help and support I would not be here today and for this I will be eternally greatful.

Her kind and caring nature got my peers and me through some of the most stressful periods of our education. She is always smiling and positive, and there is no end to her patience. She does everything she possibly can to help her pupils and is loved by all who have had the privilege of being taught by her.

Alastair Clements, currently in his first year at Trinity, nominated his former Maths teacher, Peter Gross, who teaches at Enfield Grammar School. Alastair said,

Mr Gross is the most kind, generous, supportive and dedicated man I have ever met. There really are no limits to how hard he will work to ensure that all members of the school are happy.

He is the main person who encouraged me to apply to Oxford and ultimately helped me to get here. We had weekly sessions to go through and practice admissions test papers and think about the style of interviews. Upon receiving an offer of a place, he continued to encourage me through the A-level work to help obtain the grades I needed.

 ‘This year’s winning teachers represented the highest standard of commitment to all their pupils, inspiring successful Oxford applicants but also raising the aspirations or instilling an enthusiasm for their subject in others. They have inspired students with their passion, creativity and dedication to be the best they possibly can be and deserve recognition for that above all.’ Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Oxford

Inspirational Teachers Award 2015 - the winners

The University has produced a video of the award winners and the students who nominated them. The Trinity students and their teachers can be found 5.42 and 11.41 minutes into the video.