Food and Drink

The food at Trinity is outstanding, and often reckoned to be among the best in the university.

All students can eat their meals in the College Hall, and many choose to do so regularly: the food is highly praised by members of the college for both its variety and quality. Trinity’s chefs have won inter-collegiate cookery competitions on many occasions.

As well as being very well prepared, food is reasonably priced. Breakfast and lunch are self-service, and charged according to options chosen.

Based on Trinity students’ recent purchases the average cost of meals is:
Breakfast £2.55 (for a cooked breakfast)
Lunch £4.50 (for two full courses, less for one course or salads, etc)
Dinner on Sunday to Thursday nights is £4.71 for three courses.

Gowns are worn for dinner, but there is no other requirement to dress formally. Friday is the weekly guest night, when Trinity’s chefs show off their talents providing a special four-course dinner. Booking for Formal Hall and Guest Night is made via an online sign-up system.

On-site students who prefer to cook for themselves, or want to eat at flexible times, can use dedicated kitchens: there is a large kitchen for JCR members and another one for MCR.

All the off-site College flats (for third- and fourth-year undergraduates and for graduates) have their own kitchens.