Oxfordshire School Outreach

We send information about our inbound and outbound visits to all state schools in our link regions. If your school has not been receiving our emails and you would like to take advantage of this resource please get in touch at access.officer@trinity.ox.ac.uk and we will add your email to our mailing list. We would be delighted to hear from you!

We also have an outreach guide to our work with Oxfordshire schools, which you can download here.

Registration is currently open for our KS3 Learning Days for Years 7 and 8, please click below for more information. 

KS3 Learning Days for Year 7 and 8 2019-2020

Inbound visits to Trinity:

During term, we run visit days on a Tuesday or Wednesday each week to enable primary and secondary school students to come and experience university life and Trinity College. We welcome enquiries from teachers and individual students for a visit of any year group and time of year though generally, we prioritise Years 11 and 12 in Autumn Term, Years 12 and 10 in Spring Term and Years 9 and below in Summer Term. There are two types of Visit Days:

Oxford Experience Days at Trinity College:

These days aim to give students a flavour of life at the College and the University. Here is a sample timetable of the day:

Time Activity
10:30 Welcome by the Access Officer
10:45 General Higher Education / University of Oxford Talk
11:45 Meet current undergraduate students for a Q&A
12:00 Lunch with undergraduate students
12:30 College tour
13:00 ‘Thinking and Learning at University’ Oxplore Workshop
14:00 Taught session at a museum or subject department e.g. ‘Object Handling’ at the Pitt Rivers Museum or ‘Collections Up Close’ at the Bodleian Library
15:15 End of the day

Subject Themed Days at Trinity College:

Alongside these visit days, we offer visit days with a subject theme. These days give students a specific subject-focused experience, as well as a flavour of life at the College and University. Here is a sample timetable of the day:

Time Activity
10:00 Welcome by the Access Officer
10:15 General Higher Education/ Oxford Talk with subject theme
11:15 Meet current undergraduate students for a Q&A
12:00 Lunch with undergraduate students
12:30 College tour
13:00 Subject taster session with a tutor/graduate student
14:00 Subject department visit or subject specific museum session e.g. a Biology Experience Day might include at ‘Biodiversity and Evolution’ session
15:15 End of the day


This terms inbound visits are scheduled for the following dates this term and are open to Years 11 and 12.

16th October ; 22nd October ; 30th October ; 5th November ; 20th November ; 26th November

At the moment, these dates are not subject-specific. We will update this page well in advance if this changes. Please email us if you would like to book your students or yourself onto any of these dates. Individual students can attend and we do not require a teacher to attend with Years 11 and 12. Depending on availability, we tend to allow four schools to book around six selected students onto each day. If you would to bring a larger group please get in touch and we will try to accommodate this. If you would like to arrange a visit that is outside the dates and/or activities we have on offer, you are very welcome to. Please email us on access.officer@trinity.ox.ac.uk or call us on 01865 279864 (Emma) or 01865 279860 (Hannah) to organise this.

Outbound Visits into Oxfordshire Schools:

We work with both pupils and teachers in their schools in Oxfordshire throughout the yearWe visit on Mondays and Thursdays during school term time.

Teachers are invited to book a range of talks to groups of pupils about any of the following:

YEAR GPS                CONTENT OF SESSION                    SUITABLE FOR
7 & 8 Exploring University, the Purpose, Myth-Busting the Cost and What it Might be Like to Study There  All pupils
9 Exploring University, the Purpose, Myth-Busting the Cost and a Brief Introduction to the University of Oxford All pupils
10 An Introduction to Oxford, the People, the Courses & the Super Curriculum All pupils and those beginning to show potential to apply to a top university
11 Exploring A Level Options, University Courses and the Russell Group All pupils
12  Oxford & The Application Process Those expressing an interest and/or having potential to apply to Oxford and/or Cambridge
12 Personal Statement Workshop All pupils
13 Interviews and Admissions Test Guidance workshop Those who have submitted an application to Oxbridge

Teacher Support Sessions In Your School

The Head of Access, Hannah Rolley, also runs Teacher Support Sessions at any of the above times in schools, throughout the year. In these sessions, we aim to provide up to date information and guidance relating to the Oxford application process and the purpose of each stage, for example the admissions tests and interviews. We offer guidance to teachers and other professionals about how they can best support their pupils in all higher education applications, as well as those who may have the potential to apply to Oxford. We particularly welcome invitations from schools and teachers who have little experience of the University of Oxford or low pupil progression to the Russell Group or higher education in general. These sessions can be planned around the demands of the school day and as such could take place after the teaching day, during staff meetings or training days. An example of what a teacher session might look like:

  • The Oxford application process.
  • The UCAS teacher reference – the essentials.
  • How to offer students guidance and feedback on the personal statement.
  • Relevant super-curricular activity, the EPQ & work experience.
  • The admissions tests and interview.
  • General Q&A for all teachers

Please contact Hannah directly to arrange for a teacher visit to your school.

If you would like to arrange one or a series of the above pupil sessions in your school, please email us on access.officer@trinity.ox.ac.uk or call us on 01865 279864 (Emma). You are also most welcome to email us if you would like to arrange a visit outside of the published times.

Central University Events for Oxfordshire Schools and Students:

If you would like to join our mailing list to hear about upcoming events for Oxfordshire Schools please email us on access.officer@trinity.ox.ac.uk. We send on average one email a week containing opportunities for Oxfordshire students to get involved with the University and its outreach activities.

Our Provision: We have put together a summary of the main events available to Oxfordshire Schools through Trinity College and the rest of the University, you can download it here.

Oxford for Oxford: Oxford for Oxford is a central University initiative that supports pupil aspiration and attainment and promotes connections between teachers, students, families and the University. They have created guides for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools that bring together lots of events from across the University that pupils can get involved in. The guides and more information can be found here.

More about Access and Outreach at Trinity