Religion and Belief

Religion and Belief at University

Religious practice is an important part of the life of many students. University may be a time for deepening and questioning the faith of your upbringing. It may be a time for learning more about different faith traditions. The historic foundation of Oxford means that many colleges have a chapel affiliated to the Church of England. This is true of Trinity. More information about the Chapel can be found here.

Oxford is also home to a wide variety of churches covering many different denominations and styles of worship. The Chaplain will be happy to talk to you about where to find what you are looking for.

The Roman Catholic Chaplaincy is based in Rose Place, just off St Aldate’s. You can access their website here, and we usually host a Catholic Mass in the College Chapel twice a term.

The Jewish Synagogue is on Walton Street for more information contact the Jewish Society.

There are two Mosques in Oxford. For more information contact the Islamic Society.

The Hindu Study Centre is on Magdalen Street. For more information contact the Hindu Society. The Hindu Chaplain also supports and advocates for Jain and Bahai.

Faith groups and belief societies in Oxford are provided in multiple ways. Some spaces are run by the University (e.g. the Muslim Prayer Room) or are registered as clubs and societies with the Proctors’ Office, or again are part of the provision across different faiths and different traditions in the city itself.

There are two webpages on the University website which provide links to much of the provision available across all these areas.

COVID-19 restrictions may make it harder for faith groups to find ways of meeting together. Please be in touch with the Chaplain if you want to talk about enabling a small group of students from different colleges to meet together for support, discussion and prayer. The College will try to support religious dietary needs and adjustments for religious festivals.

Although the Chaplain is a Christian priest, she acts as the contact point for matters of faith and belief in College. She is a member of the University Ministry Forum, meeting regularly with the chaplains of all faiths.