Raphael Cadenhead

Old Member (2009)

Raphael Cadenhead currently works as a Functional Family Therapy (FFT) supervisor in London. He is also an employee director of Family Psychology Mutual CIC, which delivers evidence-based interventions for young people at the edge of care or custody. Having earned a doctorate in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2014, Raphael went on to qualify as a social worker through the Frontline Graduate Programme.  He subsequently trained in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy at the Institute of Family Therapy (IFT), completing his Master’s in 2018.

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The Body and Desire: Gregory of Nyssa's Ascetical Theology

The Body and Desire: Gregory of Nyssa's Ascetical Theology

Publisher: University of California Press

Publication date: November 2018

Although the reception of the Eastern Father Gregory of Nyssa has varied over the centuries, the past few decades have witnessed a profound awakening of interest in his thought. The Body and Desire sets out to retrieve the full range of Gregory’s thinking on the challenges of the ascetic life by examining within the context of his theological commitments his evolving attitudes on what we now call gender, sex, and sexuality. Exploring Gregory’s understanding of the importance of bodily and spiritual maturation for the practices of contemplation and virtue, Raphael Cadenhead recovers the vital relevance of this vision of transformation for contemporary ethical discourse.