Neal Swettenham

Old Member (1976)

Neal read English Language and Literature at Trinity College and was awarded a PhD by De Montfort University for his thesis on The Role and Status of Narrative in Contemporary Theatre. A former Subject Leader for drama at Loughborough University, where he also founded the Richard Foreman research archive, he is now a visiting lecturer there.

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Richard Foreman: An American (Partly) in Paris

Richard Foreman: An American (Partly) in Paris

Publisher: Routledge

Publication date: November 2017

Richard Foreman has been writing, directing and designing avant-garde theatre in New York since he first founded his Ontological-Hysteric company there in 1968. In all that time, few directors have taken up the challenge of staging his problematic, rewarding texts, and Foreman’s work remains under-explored by other practitioners.

Richard Foreman: An American (Partly) in Paris argues that Foreman can productively be viewed as a (partly) European artist, whose thinking and theatre-making have been radically shaped by contact with Europe. Through a detailed account of his European productions, interviews with Foreman himself, a set of practical strategies for staging the plays and the full text of Foreman’s previously unpublished play Georges Bataille’s Bathrobe (1983), Neal Swettenham introduces the director’s work to a new generation of readers and theatre-makers.