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Life Goes On: Our time on earth and hereafter

Life Goes On: Our time on earth and hereafter

Publication date: September 2017

Why is it that our human brains have such extraordinary powers of research and communication
compared with any other known form of life on earth or anywhere in our universe?

How is it that our physical make-up has evolved to enable us to turn our thoughts into amazingly
complex constructions?

How is it that our tiny planet earth is the only known planet which exists in a solar system which has provided the conditions necessary for a primitive form of life to commence, and evolve in sustainable form over billions of years, to reach the brain power that as humans we each have today?

Why is it that, given all this thought power that we now have, our scientists, concerning the commencement of our universe, conclude that we are an accident of nature, without divine purpose?

Does this mean that our brightest scientists have used divine-given intelligence as their own, for the short-term, material, glorification of their own names?

The author’s recent research, undertaken for this, book has turned his scepticism into the conclusion that  divinemade creation of earth, leading to our own material, but faulty, creation in our creator’s image, and our survival to an afterlife, is too probable to be denied. However, for us and our universe to be saved from destruction, the small contribution of his book needs reinforcement by loving help from many other fellow-humans, not least from readers of this book.

If you would like more information about this book, please contact Kris Barnes, 07769 858824.