Martin Prozesky

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Martin Prozesky is an independent ethics trainer, researcher and writer. He was formerly a professor in the fields of theology, comparative religion and applied ethics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and now holds honorary research appointments at both that university and the University of the Free State. He is the author of many academic papers and several books published internationally, and was made a Fellow of the former University of Natal ‘in recognition of distinguished contributions to knowledge’, in the words of the citation. Warring Souls is his first novel.

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Warring Souls

Warring Souls

Publisher: Porcupine Press

Publication date: November 2017

Warring Souls shows what happens when religious faith is governed by ethical passion – and when it isn’t. It is the story of conflict between 35-year old Sarah Williams, the radical Professor of Christian Ethics at the fictitious St Mark’s College near George, and Dr Gerald Meyer, the recently-appointed and staunchly evangelical vice-chancellor, together with their supporters. The story takes place in the first semester of 2006.

The conflict includes a dramatic Easter event in the Swartberg mountains and reaches a tense climax at the end of a campus mission. Led by an eloquent missioner from Oxford, the mission is intended to bolster evangelical faith and indirectly counter Sarah’s influence. Warring Souls includes flashbacks to her doctoral studies at Trinity College, Oxford, and her sabbatical in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It carries a vital, ethical message for all believers.

Warring Souls is available as an eBook from Amazon.