Leigh Bailey

Old Member (1965)

Leigh Bailey read Modern Languages at Trinity and then took a PhD at St John’s College, Cambridge. He subsequently taught English, Translation Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna for thirty-seven years. Between 1982 and 2001 he produced and presented many reports and features on the Strauss dynasty for Radio Austria International, and in 1999 was co-curator of an exhibition at the Austrian Mint in Vienna to mark the centenary of the death of Johann Strauss II.

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Eduard Strauss: The Third Man of the Strauss Family

Eduard Strauss: The Third Man of the Strauss Family

Publisher: Hollitzer

Publication date: March 2017

Eduard Strauss (1835–1916), the youngest of the three brothers of the famous Viennese musical dynasty – and hence the ‘third man’ of the family, has always been overshadowed by his siblings Johann II and Josef. However, he was the longest lived and most widely travelled of the three and, as sole conductor and manager of the Strauss Orchestra for thirty years, brought authentic performances of his family’s music to audiences in hundreds of towns and cities in Europe and North America. At home in Vienna he made an invaluable contribution to the city’s musical and cultural life, while having at the same time to cope with continual tensions and problems within the Strauss family. This is the first ever full-length biography of Eduard Strauss.

From the Foreword by Dr Eduard Strauss, the great-grandson of Eduard Strauss and President of the Vienna Institute for Strauss Research

Here it is, at long last, what Strauss enthusiasts all over the world have been eagerly awaiting: the first comprehensive biography of my great-grandfather, Eduard Strauss I (1835–1916). And, as expected, it shows ‘handsome Edi’ in a new light, in a way that does him justice. […]

On behalf of my family I would like to thank Leigh Bailey warmly for his years of meticulous research on Eduard Strauss I, which have now culminated in the appearance of this impressive work. It is certainly rewarding to read this book, even if you are not a Strauss specialist.

From the review by George W Hamilton in Newsletter 285 (October 2017) of The Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain

Fantastic! Finally a biography of Eduard Strauss – in English, at that, which completes the bookshelf on two generations of the full Strauss family, from father now through all three sons, Amazingly, Eduard has until now been neglected, quite unjustly, as the new book by Leigh Bailey, Eduard Strauss: The Third Man of the Strauss Family, makes clear. […]

Leigh Bailey, in his final assessment, expresses the ‘hope that the musical legacy of Eduard Strauss will at long last receive the attention and appreciation it deserves’. Readable and enjoyable to the musicologist and simple music enthusiast alike, Bailey’s biography has given this wish a substantial positive boost.