John J Baxter

Old Member (1965)

A graduate also of Rhodes and Bristol universities, John worked first as a teacher, then as a photographer. He initiated and completed the Trinity Imaging Project in 2006, with over 700 images for the college archive, guided by the archivist, Clare Hopkins. John lives in Wincanton with his wife Elizabeth.

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Surviving Napoleon, the Clockmaker’s Tale

Surviving Napoleon, the Clockmaker’s Tale

Publisher: Charonia Media

Publication date: July 2017

Soldier of Napoleon. Master Clockmaker.

After the fall of Bonaparte in 1816 Alberto Bioletti, a soldier of Napoleon, returned penniless to Wincanton with his English wife, Mary Feltham, and their three small children.  He worked first as a barber before establishing himself as a highly skilled clock maker in this small market town

Brief earlier accounts of Bioletti inspired John Baxter to do research about him which uncovered his extraordinary story which he now tells in this historical novel. Starting with Bioletti’s Turin childhood and enlistment in the French Army, it follows his exceptional military career, for he served Napoleon from his rise as dashing young general to his fall as defeated emperor. This involved service in Italy, Egypt, Haiti, England, France and Russia, before he finally settled in England. He met Mary while a parole prisoner in Wincanton, while serving the French General Boye.

Surviving Napoleon vividly brings to life the danger, horror, romance, disillusion and final triumph he went through as he experienced the dark consequences of Napoleon’s campaigns.

This is John’s first book and it is available on Amazon.  Aimed at the general reader any reviews – positive of course – would be appreciated.