Publications by Members of Trinity

These pages offer an incomplete list of publications by members of Trinity: Fellows, Lecturers, Old Members, students and staff. This section of the website has been created recently and new author entries are gradually being added. Publications by Trinity’s academic staff can also be found on their Profile pages.

Members of Trinity are invited to submit details of publications they would like to appear here. Please email details of the publication (title, publisher, month and year of publication), along with any further information about the publication or yourself that you would like to appear and ideally a photograph of yourself and of the book cover or another relevant photograph.

The information, text and reviews that appear on these pages are provided by the authors or publishers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Trinity College. 


Frances Ashcroft

Professorial Fellow in Physiology

Latest publication:

The Spark of Life


John Reader

Old Member (1972)

Latest publication:

Theology and New Materialism: Spaces of Faithful Dissent


Michael Alexander

Old Member (1959)

Latest publication:

Medievalism: the middle ages in modern England

Paperback edition, 2017

John J Baxter

Old Member (1965)

Latest publication:

Surviving Napoleon, the Clockmaker’s Tale

July 2017

Beatrice Groves

Research Fellow in English

Latest publication:

Literary Allusion in Harry Potter

June 2017

Duncan Baxter

Old Member (1972)

Latest publication:

Paradise Lost – A Drama of Unintended Consequences

February 2017

Seth Johnston

Old Member (2003)

Latest publication:

How NATO Adapts: Strategy and Organization in the Atlantic Alliance since 1950

January 2017

Sarah James

Old Member (1993)

Latest publication:



Craig Clunas

Professorial Fellow in the History of Art

Latest publication:

Chinese Painting and its Audiences


Bethan Jenkins

Old Member (1997)

Latest publication:

Between Wales and England: Anglophone Welsh Writing of the Eighteenth Century


Andy Last

Old Member (2003)

Latest publication:

Business on a Mission: How to Build a Sustainable Brand

December 2016

Liz Kalaugher

Old Member (1989)

Latest publication:

Furry Logic: The Physics of Animal Life

October 2016