Poster Competition Prize

Jack Haley, a graduate student at Trinity, has won a category first prize in the Department of Materials’ annual poster competition.

The poster competition, sponsored by Rolls Royce, includes a ‘Scientific Conference’ category, in which Jack’s poster was the winning entry. The poster is about an unusual defect that is produced in a metal whilst exposed to the environment inside a nuclear reactor. The defect is a helical shaped dislocation – hence the ‘with a twist’ in the title. Understanding the processes behind such damage will help predict the lifetime of nuclear reactor materials and contribute to the development of new radiation-resistant materials.

‘I was very pleased to win, as a lot of work has gone into producing these interesting results. Mike Jenkins, emeritus fellow of the college, has been very kind in helping me out with the analysis of these defects. I owe him many thanks!’

Jack Haley, right, with Dr Mike Jenkins, Emeritus Fellow in Materials

Posted: 22 May 2018

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