American Physical Society Prize

Tutorial Fellow Professor Justin Wark and Junior Research Fellow Dr Sam Vinko have been awarded the 2015 John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics by the American Physical Society.

The prestigious award, established in 1981, recognises a particular recent outstanding achievement in plasma physics research, and is considered one of the premier prizes in the field.  The award was presented to Professor Wark and Dr Vinko, along with Dr Orlando Ciricosta of Wolfson College, in November at the annual meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, held in Savannah, Georgia.

The prize committee acknowledged their work using the world’s first hard x-ray laser to create and diagnose matter in the laboratory under similar conditions to those that exist half way to the centre of the sun.

The citation reads: For creative and novel use of the hard x-ray free electron laser to isochorically create high density plasmas and accurately measure the ionization potential depression, and for new theory that addresses discrepancies with long standing models and provides stimulus for continued developments.

Physics award

Professor Wark, Dr Vinko and Dr Ciricosta (Wolfson College) at the awards ceremony


Updated: 30 November 2015

Justin Wark

Sam Vinko

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