PGCert Distinction for Charlotte Lynch

Trinity Lecturer in Materials Science Charlotte Lynch has completed her PGCert with a distinction recognising her outstanding work in the year-long postgraduate teaching qualification.

The course is run by the University’s Centre for Teaching and Learning to support academics in their teaching methods, curriculum development and pedagogy. Dr Lynch was awarded a distinction for her assessed teaching portfolio.

Dr Lynch says: ‘One of the most beneficial aspects of the course was having the opportunity to meet other tutors and lecturers on the course, and to share our reflections on teaching – our philosophies, strategies and interpretations of the pedagogical literature. We also benefitted from observing one another’s teaching so we could learn first-hand from one another.

‘Overall I found the course thoroughly rewarding and I am delighted to have been awarded a distinction. The course has helped me to assess and broaden my understanding of teaching, particularly in terms of inclusive teaching practices. I would definitely recommend the course to other tutors and lecturers.’

Posted: 27 July 2020

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