Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics

Xavier Bach

  • My main research is in morphological typology, particularly on non-canonical inflectional phenomena such as suppletion and inflection classes.

  • I also specialize in the morphosyntax and historical sociolinguistics of Gallo-Romance varieties, particularly Occitan.

Xavier Bach


I teach undergraduate and graduate papers in Morphology, and undergraduate papers in French Linguistics and History of the French Language, as well as language papers in French (translation into French, French grammar, essay in French).


My main research is in morphological typology. I am particularly interested by non-canonical phenomena in inflection (suppletion, inflection classes), their diachronic origins, and their prevalence and forms in the languages of the world. I currently investigate the typology of suppletion with respect to lexical meaning: some meanings seem to present suppletive stems in more languages than other meanings, and according to similar dividing lines in the paradigm, and frequency is not the only factor contributing to this fact.

Other projects include an investigation of mixed auxiliation systems in Italo-Romance (with Pavel Štichauer, Prague); the linguistic variation of Standard French in the early modern period; the analysis of the expression of possession in Biakic languages and Austronesian and Papuan languages more generally; the historical sociolinguistics of the south of France (with Pierre-Joan Bernard, Montpellier); and the syntax of modern Occitan (with Jean Sibille, Toulouse). Another more long term project is the ongoing documentation and description of two Occitan varieties, spoken in Vénés (Tarn) and Cabrières (Hérault, with Pierre-Joan Bernard).

Selected Publications

Bach, X. & Round, E., ‘Suppletion in Australian languages’, in Bowern, C. (ed.), The Oxford Guide to Australian Languages (Oxford: OUP, forthcoming)

Bach, X., ‘Number in Occitan’, in Acquaviva, P. & Daniel, M. (eds.), Number in the world's languages (Berlin: De Gruyter, forthcoming)

Bach, X. & Bernard, P.-J., ‘Le Rey Artus, texte occitan du XVIIIe siècle’, Revue des Langues Romanes 124 :1 (2020)

Paoli, S. & Bach, X., ‘Post-verbal negation in Gallo-Romance: the view from old Occitan’, in Wolfe, S. & Maiden, M. (eds.), Variation and Change in Gallo-Romance Grammar (Oxford: OUP, 2020)

Bach, X. & Bernard, P.-J., ‘Une double comptabilité latin-occitan à Montpellier au XVe siècle : approche archivistique et sociolinguistique’, Comptabilités 12 (2019)

Bach, X., ‘Tracing the origins of verlan in an early nineteenth century text?’, Journal of French Language Studies 28(1) (2018), 67-84

Modern Languages and Linguistics
Dr Bach