Tristan Franklinos
Lecturer in Classics, Dean of Degrees

I am Trinity’s Dean of Degrees, responsible for matriculations and graduations.


After reading for an MA in Classics at St Andrews, Tristan came up to Oxford for an MPhil in Classical Languages and Literature before completing his doctorate on the elegies of Propertius. He has been a lecturer in Classics at Trinity College for a couple of years, is also a lecturer at Oriel College, and teaches Latin and Greek language for the faculty.


Tristan is currently writing a literary commentary on Vergil’s Catalepton and Priapea that concerns itself with the construction of reader and author in relation to the collection alongside the more philological aspects of the poems. His doctoral thesis explores the ways in which the Latin elegist Propertius engages with and recasts his own poetic material, as well as that of his peers and predecessors. More broadly, he interested in the literature of the first century BC (esp. the poets and Vitruvius); the place of the author and the reader in relation to the text; and in textual criticism, palaeography, and the history of the book.

Selected publications

(forthcoming), ‘The Classical Inheritance of the carmina amatoria: a case-study on Cod. Buranus 92′.

(forthcoming), ‘Ovid, ex Ponto 4: an intratextually cohesive book’, in Trends in Classics.

(forthcoming), ‘Ovid’s Propertian Funeral: Tristia 3.3′.

(2017), ‘A Plautine Emendation: “miles gloriosus” 1268’, Hermes 145: 109–12.

(2015), ‘Textual Notes on Palladius’ opus agriculturae‘, Mnemosyne 60: 1020–30.