Stephen Wright
Lecturer in Philosophy


I’m a lecturer in philosophy at both Trinity College and University College. My undergraduate degree in History and Philosophy is from the University of Sheffield, as is my PhD. My MA (in Philosophy) is from King’s College London. I work primarily on the theory of knowledge, but I also have interests in metaphysics, logic and the philosophy of language.


I teach various papers at both Mods/Prelim and Finals Honours School levels for philosophy. The papers I teach at Mods/Prelim level are: Logic, Moral Philosophy and General Philosophy. At FHS level, I teach Aesthetics, Ethics, Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Logic and Language and Philosophy of Religion.


My research focuses on questions of how believing what other people say can be a way of knowing things. In particular, I defend the idea that a complete theory of this needs to allow that knowledge can be ‘transmitted’ from speaker to listener. I have been working on various papers exploring different aspects of the idea of knowledge transmission, formulating a distinctive account of what it involves, arguing for its indispensability and addressing the barrage of contemporary objections placed against it.

Selected Publications

  • ‘The Transmission of Knowledge and Justification’ Synthese, (forthcoming)
  • ‘Internalism and the Epistemology of Testimony’ Erkenntnis, (forthcoming)
  • ‘Sosa on Knowledge from Testimony’ Analysis, Vol. 74, No. 2, (2014) pp. 249-254
  • ‘Does Klein’s Infinitism Offer a Response to Agrippa’s Trilemma?’ Synthese, Vol. 190, No.6, (2013) pp. 1113-1130