Stephen Fisher
Fellow and Tutor in Political Sociology

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I studied PPE as an undergraduate at New College, Oxford. I then took a Masters in Social Statistics at Southampton University, before returning to Oxford for a doctorate in politics. I held post-doctoral appointments in Leuven, Belgium and Nuffield College Oxford. Since 2002, I have been Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Trinity.


For the Politics components of both PPE and History and Politics, I teach the Political Institutions for the first year course, and optional courses in Political Sociology and Quantitative Methods for the second and third years respectively. One of my responsibilities is to ensure that Trinity College has Lecturers in Political Theory and International Relations, and we have excellent connections with other colleges to make sure our students are taught by expert tutors for whatever topics in politics they choose to study.


My research focuses on political attitudes and behavior, especially on elections and voting in Britain and elsewhere.

Selected Publications

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