Robert Watt
Lecturer in Philosophy


I was educated at a comprehensive school in the West Midlands. I read PPE at Magdalen College, Oxford, before moving to Balliol College for a BPhil and DPhil in philosophy. I spent four years as a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, and then two years as a Lecturer at Cambridge. I arrived at Trinity as Departmental Lecturer in the History of Philosophy at the start of 2019.


I teach the Finals papers in Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Knowledge and Reality, the Philosophy of Kant, and Political Theory. I also deliver undergraduate lectures and graduate classes on Kant.


The main focus of my research is the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. I am particularly interested in – and still very much puzzled by! – the notoriously difficult argument that he calls the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories. I am also currently working on the nature of transcendental idealism. Aside from Kant, I have a burgeoning interest in the philosophy of Henri Bergson, many of whose ideas can fruitfully be compared to Kant’s.


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