Pierre Vila
Lecturer in Medicine


I completed a BA in Medical Sciences at Trinity College Oxford in 2013, and graduated with a BMBCh in Medicine and Surgery from Green Templeton College, Oxford in 2016. I currently work as a junior doctor in the NHS.


I have been teaching Trinity second-year medics Neuroanatomy as part of the First BM Part II course since December 2014. Whilst at medical school I taught a range of clinical, practical and academic sessions to medical students.


I carried out an FHS research project with Dr Charlotte Stagg on the neuroimaging of a novel parkinsonian syndrome in abusers of the designer psychostimulant methcathinone. I aim to continue researching in my clinical career.

Selected publications

Juurmaa, J; Menke, R; Vila, P; Muursepp, A; Tomberg, T; Ilves, P; Nigul, M; Johansen-Berg, H; Donaghy, M; Stagg, CJ; Stepens, A; Taba, P. Grey matter abnormalities in methcathinone abusers with a parkinsonian syndrome. Brain and Behaviour, in press.
Dickerson, JE; Paul, KF; Vila, P; Whiticar, R. The role for peer-assisted ultrasound teaching. Clinical Teacher. 2016 Jun.
Dickerson, JE; Paul, KF; Vila, P. Should medical students be taught ultrasonography? Medical Teacher. 2015 Aug 27:1