Michael Moody
Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science


After receiving my B.Sc. (Hons) at the University of Adelaide, I completed a PhD at the Ian Wark Research Institute at the University of South Australia. I then moved to New Orleans to undertake a postdoctoral research position in semi-classical physics at Tulane University. Returning to Australia, I joined the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Sydney, where I was first introduced to atom probe tomography. I joined the University of Oxford in 2012, to lead the Atom Probe Research Group in the Department of Materials after the retirement of George Smith, who is a pioneer in the field and Emeritus Fellow of Trinity College.


My tutoring at Trinity covers a variety of courses across the syllabus including: Phase Transformation and Diffusion, Corrosion and Protection and Engineering Alloys. Tutorials are given in small groups, usually two or three students. I share Trinity’s tutorial teaching with my Materials colleagues, Jan Czernuszka and Mike Jenkins. In the Materials Department I lecture on the first year course on thermodynamics. I am a co-coordinator of a third year module on materials characterisation.


I am head of the Atom Probe Research Group in the Department of Materials. The group currently leads and supports research into a wide range of materials topics including: superalloys for aerospace applications, structural materials for fusion and fission power, Si and GaN semiconductors and catalysis. We collaborate with scientists and engineers from around the world on our projects. A key focus of my recent research has been the design of new analytical techniques to improve the accuracy of the reconstruction of atom probe data and to increase the information obtainable from subsequent analysis of the results. The group has active interests in all aspects of atom probe research and places emphasis on developing advanced techniques and applications.

Selected Publications

  • Li,T. et al., Atomic Imaging of Carbon-Supported Pt, Pt/Co, and Ir@Pt Nanocatalysts by Atom-Probe Tomography. ACS Catalysis (2014), 4, 695.
  • Kang, J.H. et al., Solute redistribution in the nanocrystalline structure formed in bearing steels. Scripta Materialia (2013), 69, 630.
  • Gault, B.; Moody, M.P.; Cairney, J.M.; Ringer, S.P. Atom probe crystallography. Materials Today (2012), 15, 378.


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