Matthew Golesworthy
Lecturer in Chemistry


I am currently a DPhil student on the Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTP and at New College, working under Professors Christiane Timmel, Stuart Mackenzie and Peter Hore in the Department of Chemistry. I read for the MChem at Trinity, where I also was organ scholar, and am enjoying remaining close to my undergraduate college through the teaching. I am still involved in church music, singing with Keble College’s Chapel Choir.


I teach the Mathematics and Physics classes to the undergraduate chemists at Trinity and St Peter’s colleges, two subjects that allow greater understanding of the models that underpin chemistry quantitatively.


My research focusses on the effects that magnetic fields have on biochemical and chemical reactions with a focus on understanding magnetoreception – the ability of many organisms to sense the earth’s magnetic field. This is done using a combination of custom-built spectrometers and more commonly-used techniques, allowing ultra-sensitive detection of changes and the ability to detect anisotropy of these effects in such reactions.