Luke Rostill
Fellow and Tutor in Law


Luke Rostill is a Fellow and Tutor in Law at Trinity College, and Associate Professor of Property Law in the Oxford Law Faculty. Prior to joining Trinity, he was a Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Law at St. John’s College, Oxford. He received his MA, BCL, MPhil and DPhil from Oxford.


Luke’s teaching interests largely mirror his research interests. Currently, he teaches Land Law, Personal Property, Trusts, and A Roman Introduction to Private Law at undergraduate level, as well as the BCL/MJur course Advanced Property and Trusts.


Luke’s research is concerned with English property law and property theory. At present, his research focuses primarily on ‘possessory title’; and the nature of, and the relationships between, possession, title and ownership.

Selected Publications

‘Relative Title and Deemed Ownership in English Personal Property Law’ (2015) 35 OJLS 31.