Karina-Doris Vihta
Lecturer in Mathematics


I am a statistician, currently specialising in infectious diseases, particularly focused on E coli bloodstream infections. I was a student at Corpus Christi, where I studied for an undergraduate Masters in Mathematics and Statistics and was then awarded a Prize Studentship from the Nuffield Department of Medicine for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine.

I held a Statistics College Lecturership at Corpus Christi College throughout most of 2015-2018. I now hold a Mathematics College Lecturership at Trinity with a focus on Probability and Statistics.


I cover tutorials for the Probability and Statistics components of the maths courses in the first and second years.


The first part of my DPhil research used traditional epidemiology applied to data from electronic health records, acquired from the Infections in Oxfordshire Research Database; the goal of this work was to understand what was driving the observed increase in the number of E coli bloodstream infections.

My research has now progressed to using machine learning techniques to predict antimicrobial resistance in E coli bloodstream infections using whole genome sequencing.

Selected Publications

Karina-Doris Vihta, Nicole Stoesser, Martin J Llewelyn, T Phuong Quan, Tim Davies, Nicola J Fawcett, Laura Dunn, Katie Jeffery, Chris C Butler, Gail Hayward, Monique Andersson, Marcus Morgan, Sarah Oakley, Amy Mason, Susan Hopkins, David H Wyllie, Derrick W Crook, Mark H Wilcox, Alan P Johnson, Tim E A Peto, A Sarah Walker; Trends over time in Escherichia coli bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections, and antibiotic susceptibilities in Oxfordshire, UK, 1998–2016: a study of electronic health records, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2018, ISSN 1473-3099, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(18)30353-0

Lan-Lan Zhong, Hang T T Phan, Cong Shen, Karina-Doris Vihta, Anna E Sheppard, Xi Huang, Kun-Jiao Zeng, Hong-Yu Li, Xue-Fei Zhang, Sandip Patil, Derrick W Crook, A Sarah Walker, Yong Xing, Jia-lin Lin, Lian-Qiang Feng, Yohei Doi, Yong Xia, Nicole Stoesser, Guo-Bao Tian; High Rates of Human Fecal Carriage of mcr-1–Positive Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Emerge in China in Association With Successful Plasmid Families, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 66, Issue 5, 10 February 2018, Pages 676–685, https://doi.org/10.1093/cid/cix885