Julian Dye
Lecturer in Engineering Science


I am a Departmental Lecturer in Engineering Science. I graduated in Biochemistry at Oxford, and worked in surgical and biomedical research at Imperial College London, and then moved to the RAFT Institute of Plastic Surgery Research. With this background, I aim to establish and apply the principles of regenerative healing, particularly through rapidly vascularised synthetic biomaterials.


Lecture courses on Interfacial Chemistry, Bio-separations and Tissue Engineering, also running a coursework module Introduction to Tissue Engineering and a Design project on management of chronic wounds.


My focus is on developing bio-intelligent scaffolds for tissue reconstruction and regenerative wound healing. Such scaffolds need to combine suitable biochemical structural and mechanical properties. Additionally, a cost-economic fabrication process suitable for clean-room manufacture is important.

This core technology may also be applicable to bone tissue engineering, especially the need for patient specific implants for facial reconstruction.