John Stanley
Lecturer in Biochemistry


My first degree was in biochemistry at Oxford University. I continued at Oxford with a DPhil in nutritional biochemistry, followed by postdoctoral work on liver carbohydrate metabolism. My second postdoctoral position was on amino acid metabolism, at Manchester University. I then worked in industry, at the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland, on the relationship between nutrition and type 2 diabetes. On returning to the UK I worked in government at the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, commissioning research on human nutrition, before returning to hands-on research on lipid nutrition at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. On leaving IFR I set up my own company to advise the government and food industry on nutritional issues.


My tutorial teaching at Trinity focuses on metabolism, which is a fundamental part of the course for Biochemists at first and second year level and for medical students at first year level. These tutorials are given to small groups of two or three students. In addition, I organise the tutorial timetable for first, second and third year biochemists, a process which involves reciprocal teaching arrangements with up to twelve other Oxford colleges so that students are taught by specialists in as wide a variety of biochemical subjects as possible. In addition to my College duties, I give four lectures a year on human metabolism to second years in the Biochemistry Department.

Selected Publications

I have published over ninety short reviews on aspects of lipid metabolism and nutrition over the last fifteen years in the journal Lipid Technology.