Johannes Zachhuber
Fellow and Tutor in Theology


I am a historical and systematic theologian. I wrote my thesis for my DPhil at Oxford on the Greek theologian Gregory of Nyssa. I then taught theology at the Humboldt University in Berlin for eight years before taking up the post of Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Trinity College in 2005. From 2014-2017 I am Chair of the Faculty of Theology and Religion in Oxford.


At undergraduate level, I teach the core papers in Patristics and Modern Theology (‘God, Christ, and Salvation’) as well as several optional courses, including ‘Issues in 19th-century Theology’, ‘The Nature of Religion’, and ‘The Sociology of Religion’.


My area of specialisation is the intellectual history of Christianity, with a particular focus on both late antiquity and the nineteenth century. I am also interested more broadly in the transformation of religion in the modern world, secularisation, and the relationship of religion and politics.

Selected Publications

  • Individuality in Late Antiquity, co-edited with Alexis Torrance, 2014
  • Sacrifice and Modern Thought,co-edited with Julia Meszaros, 2013
  • Theology as Science in Nineteenth-Century Germany: From F.C. Baur to Ernst Troeltsch, 2013
  • Human Nature in Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical Background and Theological Significance, 2000 (paperback 2014)