Guadalupe Gerardi
Departmental Lecturer in Spanish American Literature


I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico City. I completed my undergraduate studies in Letras at UBA in Buenos Aires and Universidad Complutense in Madrid. I obtained my PhD from UCL (University College London) in 2013, where I held a teaching post before joining Trinity College in 2017.


I lecture on Spanish American literature from the nineteenth-century to the present day. I also tutor students for the Spanish first-year course, the second- and final-year Modern Spanish-American paper (Paper VIII), Spanish-American authors (Paper XI), and Spanish-American Optional papers (Papers XII), and translation.


My research interests are Latin American literature and culture, particularly spatial imageries, travel writing and the dialogue between history, politics and literature. My monograph Writing Travel: the Work of Roberto Bolaño and Juan José Saer explores the ways in which two Latin American authors, Roberto Bolaño and Juan José Saer, engage with travel and space in their literary work. Here I show how both travel and space are used as structures of representation within which cultural traditions are interrogated, reassessed and reformulated.

My current research examines the representation of alterity and the monstrous in narratives from Argentina, Peru and Mexico.


Writing Travel: The Work of Roberto Bolaño and Juan José Saer’ (Oxford: Peter Lang, April, 2019).

‘En retrospectiva: Estrella distante de Roberto Bolaño’, Caravelle 110 (2018), 163-180.

‘El pasado en pedazos: migraciones en Bariloche de Andrés Neuman’, in Far Away is Here. Lejos es aquí. Writing and Migrations, ed. by L. Giuliani, L. Trapassi, J. Martos (Berlin: Frank&Timme, 2013), pp. 165-174.