Christopher Fowles
Career Development Fellow in Philosophy

I was educated at a comprehensive school in Shropshire, before completing an undergraduate degree in History and Politics at the University of York and an MA in Philosophy at King’s College, London. I came to Oxford in 2013 to study for the BPhil in Philosophy, and completed my DPhil in January 2020.

I have taught a range of undergraduate papers at Oxford, including Post-Kantian Philosophy, Ethics, and Philosophy of Mind.

My broad interests are in philosophical psychology and the role of emotion in things like thinking, believing, acting, and valuing. I’m particularly interested in the views on these issues found in the work of 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche places states like moods and emotions at the centre of his account of human psychology, and offers a range of insightful—if sometimes unorthodox—suggestions as to what such states are, and the role they play in our mental lives. My research to date has focused upon drawing out and reconstructing these views, which I believe to be of relevance not just to scholarship on Nietzsche, but also to contemporary work on emotion and the mind.

Selected Publications
“The Heart of Flesh: Nietzsche on Affects and the Interpretation of the Body,” Journal of the History of Philosophy, 58 [1] (2020).
“Nietzsche on Conscious and Unconscious Thought,” Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, 62 [1] (2018).