Chris Horton
Lecturer in Medicine


I completed a BA in Medical Sciences at Trinity College, Oxford in 2016 and now study Clinical Medicine at Green Templeton College, Oxford.


I teach the Principles of Pathology course to 2nd year medical students and have previously provided revision tutorials to 1st year medical students. With another Trinity alumnus, I am currently developing a web-based anatomy revision resource for the medical school.


During my time at Trinity College, I worked as a student researcher under Professor Fairchild, developing novel methods to generate functional immune cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). I continue to work in Professor Fairchild’s laboratory in my spare time.


Fairchild, P., Horton, C., Lahiri, P., Shanmugarajah, K. & Davies, T. Beneath the sword of Damocles: regenerative medicine and the shadow of immunogenicity. Regenerative Medicine 11, 817-829 (2016).

Horton C, Shanmugarajah K, Fairchild PJ. Harnessing the properties of dendritic cells in the pursuit of immunological tolerance. Biomedical Journal 2017;40:80–93.