Casper Beentjes
Lecturer in Mathematics


I am an applied mathematician, currently specialising in computational techniques for stochastic models of (bio)chemical reaction networks at the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology. I studied applied mathematics and physics at the University of Leiden (BSc) and hold a MSc degree in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing from the University of Oxford. I am currently in the last year of my DPhil at the University of Oxford.


I have previously taught at the University of Leiden, at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford and at New College, Oxford. I am currently also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Balliol College, Oxford.

I organise the tutorials for prelims Multivariable Calculus and Constructive Mathematics and part A Differential Equations II.


I am interested in computational approaches for biochemical reaction networks, mainly via stochastic simulation. I am also involved in a project looking at transport processes on spatially embedded networks.

Selected Publications

  • P. E. Farrell, C. H. L. Beentjes, A. Birkisson (2016). “The computation of disconnected bifurcation diagrams”. arXiv:1603.00809[math.NA]
  • C. H. L. Beentjes and R. E. Baker (2018). “Quasi-Monte Carlo methods applied to tau-leaping in stochastic biological systems”. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
  • C. H. L. Beentjes and R. E. Baker (2018). “Uniformisation techniques for stochastic simulation of chemical reaction networks”. arXiv:1811.00948 [q-bio. QM]