Carla Perez Martinez
Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry


Carla Perez Martinez is a Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry at Trinity. She graduated with her BS, MS and PhD from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Carla’s PhD. dissertation involved optimizing ionic liquid ion source technology for its application in space propulsion and also for micro and nano fabrication, particularly for focused ion beams. Carla joined Oxford in 2016 to perform research on the effects of electric fields on ionic liquids under confinement, with Professor Susan Perkin in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.

Selected Publications

Surface forces generated by the action of electric fields across liquid films. Soft Matter (2019), 15, 4255-4265

Interfacial Structure and Boundary Lubrication of a Dicationic Ionic Liquid. Langmuir (2019)

Ion field-evaporation from ionic liquids infusing carbon xerogel micro tips. Applied Physics Letters (2015), 107, 043501

Development of ion sources from ionic liquids for micro fabrication. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B (2010), 28, L25