Departmental Lecturer in French

Pierre Lyraud

  • I research and teach early modern French literature and thought (XVI-XVIIth century).
  • I am currently working on a new edition of the complete works of Blaise Pascal.


I will be replacing Professor Katherine Ibbett this year at Trinity College as a Departmental Lecturer. I first studied Classics and Philosophy in Paris (Sorbonne Université) and obtained a MA in French Literature followed by an agrégation in Classics and a PhD in French (2020, Sorbonne Université). I was a Lecteur in French at Magdalen and Keble College in 2016-2017 and a Teaching Assistant at Rennes 2 in 2020-2021.


At Trinity, I teach the first-year Prelims course in French (Paper III and IV). For the second and final-year undergraduates I teach courses on Early Modern French Literature (Paper VII) and give tutorials on Pascal, Molière, Lafayette and Racine (Paper X). For the Faculty, I lecture on various authors (Racine, Pascal, Lafayette) and different topics, ranging from the interconnections between religion and literature to the history of French gallantry. 


I started out working on Pascal and XVIIth-century religious writings. My PhD aimed to synthetize the way Pascal explores the finite human condition and its paradoxical tensions, from a rhetorical and philosophical point of view. I continue to work on Pascal, with a specific interest in the formal aspects of his work and in his literary reception throughout the XXth century, but I have recently extended my research areas to complete a more general project on how writers deal with and write about their own finitude in early modern France. I am also working on the burlesque writers and particularly on Scarron.

Selected Publications

  • L’explication littéraire à l’oral, Paris, Armand Colin, 2018, 255 p.
  • La fin et le passage. Figures de la finitude dans l’œuvre de Pascal, Paris, Honoré Champion, forthcoming.
  • L’imitatio christi chez Pascal. L’incorporation comme pratique existentielle », Chroniques de Port-Royal, 2017, n° 67, p. 79-91.
  • Enjeu de la citation latine montanienne dans les Pensées », XVIIe siècle, 2020, n°287, p. 255-276.
  • Présence de Pascal chez Sartre et Malraux : un style d’existence », Chroniques de Port-Royal, 2020, n°70, p. 413-432.
  • Pascal : grammaire de la vie sociale », Revue d’Histoire Littéraire de la France, 2020, n°120, p. 907-926.
  • Puissances de la lecture chez Pascal », Courrier Blaise Pascal, 2019-2020, n°41-42, p. 123-135.
  • Au bord de la description : usages de l’objet chez Pascal », Travaux de littérature, 2021, vol. XXXIII, p. 113-125.
  •  Penser le corps : l’avant-garde pascalienne », XVIIsiècle, 2021, n° 290, p. 43-56.
  • Du désir d’éternité : immortalité et éternité dans Le Carême du Louvre de Bossuet », Revue Bossuet, 2022,  n° 12, forthcoming.
Modern Languages and Linguistics
Pierre Lyraud