Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science

Michael Moody

  • I am Professor of Materials in the Department of Materials.

  • My research focuses on enabling materials research and development via the atomic-scale microscopy technique, Atom Probe Tomography.

  • I am head of the Atom Probe Research Group.

  • Before coming to Oxford, I studied in Australia and held positions at Tulane University and the University of Sydney.

Michael Moody


I give tutorials in Trinity for a variety of courses across the Materials Science undergraduate syllabus, including: Phase Transformation and Diffusion; Corrosion and Protection; and Engineering Alloys. In the Department of Materials I lecture for the first-year course on Thermodynamics and I also co-ordinate a third-year module on Advanced Materials Characterisation. At the postgraduate level, I have recently supervised DPhil projects on a range of materials research areas all underpinned by atom probe tomography areas including neutron damage in structural materials for fission and fusion reactors, processing routes for more efficient silicon materials for photovoltaic devices and heat treatments to optimize mechanical properties of aluminum alloys for automotive applications.

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My interests are focused upon enabling materials research at the nanoscale via the microscopy techniques of atom probe tomography (APT) and field ion microscopy (FIM). APT is a technique capable of material characterisations at the atomic-scale, in which each atom is identified chemically and located in three-dimensions with very high accuracy. In particular, I am developing a variety of new analytical techniques to improve the three dimensional reconstructions generated by APT and the subsequent atom-by-atom analysis of the resulting data. I am interested in applying these techniques to the characterisation of a variety of systems to inform the development of the next generation of high performance materials

I am head of the Atom Probe Research Group in the Department of Materials. The group currently leads and supports research into a wide range of materials topics including: superalloys for aerospace applications, structural materials for fusion and fission power, Si and GaN semiconductors and catalysis. We collaborate with scientists and engineers from around the world on our projects. A key focus of our recent research has been the design of new analytical techniques to improve the accuracy of the reconstruction of atom probe data and to increase the information obtainable from subsequent analysis of the results. The group has active interests in all aspects of atom probe research and places emphasis on developing advanced techniques and applications.

Selected Publications

Jenkins, B.M., Douglas, J.O., Gardner, H.M., Tweddle, D., Kareer, A., Karamched, P.S., Riddle, N., Hyde, J.M., Bagot, P.A.J., Odette, G.R., Moody, M.P., ‘A more holistic characterisation of internal interfaces in a variety of materials via complementary use of transmission Kikuchi diffraction and Atom probe tomography’, Applied Surface Science 528 (30 October 2020)

Gardner, H.M., Radecka, A., Rugg, D., Armstrong, D.E.J., Moody, M.P., Bagot, P.A.J., ‘A study of the interaction of oxygen with the α2 phase in the model alloy Ti–7wt%Al’, Scripta Materialia 185 (1 August 2020), pp.111-116

Shen, Z., Tweddle, D., YU, H., He, G., Varambhia, A, Karamched, P., Hofmann, F., Wilkinson, A., Moody, M., Zhang, L., Lozano-Perez, S., ‘Microstructural understanding of the oxidation of an austenitic stainless steel in high-temperature steam through advanced characterization’, Acta Materialia (2020)

Shen, Z., Chen, K., Yu, H., Jenkins, B., Ren, Y., Saravanan, N., He, G., Luo, X., Bagot, P.A.J., Moody, M.P., Zhang, L., Lozano-Perez, S., ‘New insights into the oxidation mechanisms of a Ferritic-Martensitic steel in high-temperature steam’, Acta Materialia 194 (1 August 2020), pp.522-539

Jenkins, B., Douglas, J.O., Almirall, N., Riddle, N., Bagot, P.A.J., Hyde, J.M., Odette, G.R., Moody, M., ‘The Effect of Composition Variations on the Response of Steels Subjected to High Fluence Neutron Irradiation’, Materialia (2020)

Tweddle, D., Hamer, P., Shen, Z., Heinz, F.D., Krenckel, P., Riepe, S., Schindler, F., Wilshaw, P.R., Moody, M.P., ‘Atom Probe Tomography Study of Gettering in High-Performance Multicrystalline Silicon’, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 10: 3 (1 May 2020), pp.863-871

You can see a full list of my publications here.