Stipendiary Lecturer in Computer Science

Maximilian Doré

  • I’m a DPhil student in Computer Science interested in formalizing mathematics in dependent type theory.
  • I enjoy tackling difficult problems by sitting down and talking about them, which is precisely what the tutorial system in Oxford allows us to do.
  • In my research I use Agda, which extends Haskell in a way that it can express advanced mathematics.


I’m a third year DPhil student interested in logic and its applications. Before coming to Oxford, I completed a master's in Logic and Philosophy of Science at LMU Munich and a bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics at RWTH Aachen. I believe that certain methods developed in computer science can greatly help mathematicians in their work and want to contribute in bringing these methods to fruition.


I teach tutorials for Functional Programming, Models of Computation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Algorithms and Data Structures and Formal Proof at Trinity. Before that I have taught problem classes for various courses on logic and programming paradigms in Aachen, Munich and Oxford.


My research project is on formalizing topological data analysis in homotopy type theory. By utilising the dual character of type theory as both a programming language and a language to do mathematics, I hope to derive practical algorithms which are correct by construction.

Logic in Mathematics
Maximilian Doré