Junior Research Fellow in Economics

Karol Mazur

  • I work on macroeconomic aspects of labour markets, education and development.

  • I hold a PhD from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence.

Karol Mazur


As an Associate Member of the Department of Economics, I will lecture in Hilary Term 2021 on quantitative general equilibrium models with applications to macro-development.


My research is broadly motivated by the need to inform the optimal design of government policies, with particular focus on social insurance. To address these questions, I combine theoretical, numerical and empirical methods. In my work on labour markets, I have analysed the impact of increasing the generosity of unemployment insurance in the US on economic welfare and inequality. Furthermore, I have studied the macroeconomic effects of income-contingent student loans used for financing college education in the US. Finally, I am also interested in analysing the impact of government interventions on the functioning of informal institutions developed by traditional societies, such as, for example, the impact of the centralised provision of irrigation on mutual insurance developed by rural communities in India.

You can find out more about my work here.

Selected Publications

Can Welfare Abuse Be Welfare Improving?’, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 141 (2016)

Dr Mazur