Lecturer in Biochemistry

John Stanley

  • My tutorial teaching at Trinity focuses on metabolism;

  • I studied at Oxford as an undergraduate and went on to do my DPhil at Oxford, looking at effects of dietary fiber on liver carbohydrate metabolism;

  • after working in universities, in the food industry and in government, I set up my own company to advise the government and food industry on nutritional issues and to commission and manage research in nutrition for the Food Standards Agency.

John Stanley


I offer tutorial teaching on metabolism for first- and second-year undergraduate students in Biochemistry and for first-year students in Medicine. I also organise the tutorial timetable for the first three years of the Biochemistry course, ensuring that students are taught by specialists from other Oxford colleges in as wide a variety of biochemical subjects as possible. In addition, I give twenty-six lectures a year on human metabolism to first, second and third-year undergraduates in the Biochemistry Department. I hold a very similar Lectureship at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.


I used to work in nutritional biochemistry looking at how different types of dietary lipids (fats) influence human health.

Selected Publications

‘Does fish oil prevent cardiac arrhythmias?’, Lipid Technology 24(1) (2012)

‘Healthy and unhealthy body fat’, Lipid Technology 23(9) (2011)

‘Lipid fuels for exercise’, Lipid Technology 23(6) (2011)

‘Genetic defects in triacylglycerol and cholesterol uptake’, Lipid Technology 23(4) (2011)

‘Myelin and multiple sclerosis’, Lipid Technology 23(3) (2011)

‘Can blood cholesterol levels be too low?’, Lipid Technology 22(11): 253-254 (2010)

‘Effects of dietary monounsaturated fatty acids on lipoprotein concentrations, compositions and subfraction distributions and on VLDL apolipoprotein B kinetics: dose-dependent effects on low-density lipoprotein’, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 78, 47-56 (2003)

Dr Stanley

How we obtain the energy we need is part of everyday life which is why metabolic biochemistry fascinates me.