Lecturer in Computer Science

James Worrell

  • I am a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and a Fellow of Green Templeton College.

  • I hold an EPSRC Established Career Fellowship in Verification of Linear Dynamical Systems.

James Worrell


I teach algorithms, linear algebra, probability, logic, and discrete mathematics to first-year Computer Science undergraduates at Trinity. I have lectured courses in Logic, Learning Theory, and Randomized Algorithms in the Department of Computer Science.


I am interested in computational properties of dynamical systems, such as while loops, recursive procedures, and hybrid systems. The motivation for these problems comes from applications to automated verification and program analysis. The goal of my research is to determine the scope of effective (that is, computable) methods in program verification and analysis. I am also interested in decidable logical theories, particularly arithmetical theories.

You can find out more about my work here.

Selected Publications

J. Ouaknine, A. Pouly, J. Sousa-Pinto, J. Worrell, ‘On the decidability of Membership in Matrix-Exponential Semigroups’, Journal of the ACM 66(3) (2019)

V. Chonev, J. Ouaknine, J. Worrell, ‘On the Complexity of the Orbit Problem’ Journal of the ACM 63(3) (2016)

F. Guepin, C. Haase, J. Worrell, ‘On the Existential Theories of Buchi Arithmetic and Linear p-adic Fields’, Logic in Computer Science (LICS) (2019)

D. Chistikov, S. Kiefer, I. Marusic, M. Shirmohammadi, J. Worrell, ‘Nonnegative Matrix Factorisation Requires Irrationality’, SIAM J Applied Alg. Geom. 1(1) (2017)

M. Hosseini, J. Ouaknine, J. Worrell, ‘Termination of Linear Loops over the Integers’, International Colloquium on Automata Logic and Programming (ICALP) (2019)

E. Hrushovksi, J. Ouaknine, A. Pouly, J. Worrell, ‘Polynomial Invariants for Affine Programs’, Logic in Computer Science (LICS) (2019)

You can see a full list of my publications here.

Professor Worrell