Retained Lecturer in Law

Eleanor Makeig

  • I am interested in the law of equity and trusts, with a specific interest in the proper conceptualisation of so-called ‘equitable property’
  • It is a privilege to teach at Oxford where the tutorial system fosters independence of thought and the ability to engage in intelligent debate
  • I am currently working on a paper which considers the relationship between mere equities and constructive trusts


Before taking up my position at Trinity, I completed the Bachelor of Civil Law at Christ Church. On the BCL, I studied Advanced Property and Trusts, Commercial Remedies, Restitution of Unjust Enrichment and Taxation of Trusts and Global Wealth. Prior to reading for that degree, I was successively Tipstaff and Researcher to Justice Andrew Bell, President of the New South Wales Court of Appeal. I have also worked at the University of Sydney Law School delivering tutorials in Introduction to Property and Commercial Law.

I am fascinated by the academic study of equity and trusts as it offers the opportunity to engage in profound debates as to the nature of fundamental legal institutions. The subject is also of great practical importance and I am attracted by the chance to make a contribution to the resolution of unsettled doctrinal questions.


At Trinity, I deliver undergraduate tutorials in Contract Law. I am also engaged as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Law at Christ Church, where I deliver undergraduate tutorials in Trusts and Contract Law. I also have a teaching engagement at Peterhouse, Cambridge where I deliver supervisions in Equity.

Selected Publications

Eleanor Makeig, ‘Money Had and Received – and Retained? The Role of Retention at Notice for Personal Common Law Liability’ (2020) 94 Australian Law Journal 855

Eleanor Makeig