Research Lecturer in English

Benjamin Westwood

  • I am currently finishing a book on representations of animals in Victorian literature.

  • I am also editing the Selected Poems of Elizabeth Daryush (1887-1977).

  • I am beginning a project on poems, partiality, and queerness over the last 150 years.

Benjamin Westwood


In College, I teach literature in English from 1760 to the present day. This involves Papers 1b (Introduction to English Literature), 3 (Literature in English, 1830-1910), 4 (Literature in English, 1910–present) in the first year, and Paper 5 (Literature in English, 1760-1830) in the second year. I sometimes offer special papers, dissertation supervision, or lectures in the English Faculty, though I’m not currently available for postgraduate supervision.


Much of my research is focused on the nineteenth century, though I do range farther afield. My main research interests lie in animal studies and the environmental humanities; queer studies; and poetry and poetics. I’ve published essays on Edward Lear, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and have articles forthcoming on nonsense poetry and animals, as well as on Tennysonian earworms in Lear and Woolf. In 2018, I co-edited a collection of essays on Thinking Veganism in Literature and Culture (Palgrave). At present, I’m working on three projects: finishing a book provisionally titled Animals and the Problem of Form in Victorian Literature; editing the Selected Poems of twentieth-century poet Elizabeth Daryush for Carcanet; and beginning a project on fragmentary poetics in queer writers since 1850.

Selected Publications

‘The Queer Art of Ardent Reading’, Raritan (forthcoming Autumn 2020)

Co-ed. with Jasmine Jagger, ‘New Work on Edward Lear’, special issue of Victorian Poetry (forthcoming August 2020)

‘Humans, and Other Nonsense Animals’, in The Edinburgh Companion to Nonsense, eds. Anna Barton and James Williams (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming)

Co-ed. with Emelia Quinn, Thinking Veganism in Literature and Culture: Towards a Vegan Theory (Palgrave, hardback 2018; paperback December 2019)

‘Edward Lear’s Dancing Lines’, Essays in Criticism 67.4 (2017)

‘The Abject Animal Poetics of ‘The Warm Decembers’’, in Bathroom Songs: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as a Poet, ed. Jason Edwards (Punctum, 2017)

Dr Westwood