Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Andrew Seel

  • I teach inorganic chemistry at Trinity and Jesus colleges, and hold a research fellowship at University College London within the condensed matter and material physics group.

  • My research centres around the investigation of solvated electron and alkalide systems.

  • I studied for my undergraduate degree and DPhil at Oxford and then worked at the ISIS Spallation Neutron Source for a time before taking up my current positions.

Andrew Seel


For the undergraduate course in Chemistry (MChem), I give tutorials in inorganic chemistry.


I use a combination of neutron scattering, muon spin relaxation, and magnetometry to study the structural and electronic transitions which occur in solvated-electron and alkalide systems. These are highly reactive and unusual chemical systems which require careful control of their thermal history, but enable us to study interactions across a large range of electron densities in liquid and solid phases.

Selected Publications

A.G. Seel, N. Holzmann, S. Imberti, L. Bernasconi, P.L. Cullen, C. A. Howard, N.T. Skipper, ‘The Solvation of Na- in the Sodide Solution LINa∙10MeNH2’, J. Phys. Chem. B 123 (2019), 5337-5342

A.G. Seel, H. Swan, D.T. Bowron, J.C. Wasse, T. Weller, C.A. Howard, N.T. Skipper, ‘Electron Solvation and the Unique Liquid Structure of a Mixed-Amine Expanded Metal: The Saturated Li-NH3-MeNH2 System’, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56 (2017), 1561-1565

A.G. Seel, P.J. baker, S. P. Cottrell, C.A. Howard, N.T. Skipper, P.P. Edwards, ‘Questioning Antiferromagnetism in the Expanded Metal, Li(NH3)4: A Lack of Evidence from μSR’, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 6 (2015), 3966-3970

Dr Seel